White background issue with 1.56

Ok, I’ve recently re-installed the game, and now anytime I fight a battle, or look at the campaign map the background behind the ships is white. Anyone know why or how to fix this? I am using 1.56, though I originally installed with version 1.44 and patched it to 1.56 if that makes a difference.



The problem is the patching from 1.44 to 1.56, I suspect. i think there might be a bug there. A complete re-install of everything should fix it. if your download links have expired, email me at cliff@positech.co.uk and I’ll resend new ones.

Nope, unfortunately, that didn’t work. I uninstalled the game, then I deleted the GSB folder in “My Games”. My old download like still worked, from there I downloaded the new installer. That new installer installed 1.56 directly, I tried to play it, still a white background. Was there more I should have deleted first? Should I re-try it with running a reg cleaner while the game is uninstalled?

This sounds like a different issue to the one I assumed, but I think we are discussing this by email now?