White Campaign Background


So, I’m getting back into GSB. I installed the base game and patched to 1.5.5, then installed the campaign - I decided to try it without the expansions. I get a white campaign background where there used to be a star map.

I am running Windows 7 64-bit OS.

Any idea how to fix this?


uninstall everything, and reinstall from scratch, that seems to fix it.

Will do. Thanks.

I have tried to uninstalls and reinstalls, and neither fixed the problem.

Are there registry keys or files I need to delete after the uninstall?

there are files you could back up first in \my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles

I have the same issue and have re-installed twice including deleting the files from My Documents. I purchased the original game and expansions from STEAM and the
Conquest add on from the GSB site. My OS is Vista and I have a Nvidia Graphics card.
Any Idea’s about what else it could be??

The reason this came about is there was a bug in a much older version of the game that would write an invalid copy of this file:

program files\gratuitous space battles\campaign\data\campaign.txt

This file isn’t even used as of 1.56 and the new campaign update, so it should be 100% fixed, but if you bought through steam they haven’t patched the game to 1.56 quite yet. Hopwefully when they do, providing your campaign add on is also up to date all should work just fine.

Thanks Cliffski. Now that STEAM has updated to 1.56 my background is back!