Who's gunna be making GSB to GTB crossover!!!s :D

Cliffski your new game looks very interesting, what sort of customisation are we talking about this time will there be custom bullet textures :smiley: And i spied some tower defence looking things to it with the paths and turret ranges! Would the attacker actually be attacking as they went (PLEASE) or would they just attack the base (NO PLEASE) OOoh and will there be like air strikes! And one last thing will you attack in waves or all at once? Anyway cant wait for more pics and new’s you’ve got me exited!

The current plan is to attack in waves.
For modders and tinkerers, the two things to be excited about are:

Customisable units in layers. So it’s trivial to add new tank turrets, or new mech heads or torsos etc…
Editable maps, so you can fairly easily design your own tower defence routes, paths and layouts of turret building locations and trench network layouts etc…

I will certainly be adding GTB to my games. And any expansions.

Now I wonder if we’re going to have the same factions and expand from there or what?

Heaven help me if you manage to merge GTB into the GSB campaign, Cliff. I think my nerdliness would explode from joy.

Considering I’m about 49% nerd, do you really want to be responsible for that carnage? I hope so.

Epic, just epic, i still liking more GSB, but i have one question… GTB is going to be similar for modding to GSB? i mean, using as example the thing that i like more of GSB modding, making modules… The weapon system will be the or similar? talking about similar coding system and thigns like that ^^

i have the first modding idea for GTB, since i always wanted to see what happens when the future of a planet of GSB is decided by battles in the surface, would be SUPRA-AWESOME to make ground vehicles and infantry based on GSB :smiley:
Yep, i’m crazy for GSB :stuck_out_tongue:

I certainly intend for GTB to be as moddable as GSB is. Hopefully the layered sprites system will mean people come up with even more variants of design than they have done for GSB.

Preators did you not see the title xP Awsome news cliff will there be four legged mechs?

or six? (alliance mod FTW!)

First thing I’m doing is recreating the Battle of Hoth. Or the Death Star trench run. :smiley:
Runs off to find stuff for sprites

Owwwwwww Epic KO! Facepalm

wakes up



um when was this announced and where? goddess i am so far out of the loop here.

When was Gratuitous Tank Battles announced? A few days ago I believe. And where? Everywhere.

Easy to notice that you dont like it lol

is GSB and GTB of the same universe? is it the same reces and stuff, or all new factions?

New factions i thnk, i only say that because the tanks and things didn’t look like any ships.


The correct answer is: How could you not notice GTB?

Would anyone be up to modding in 40K tanks (and TITANS!)?

I would love to see an Warmonger or Imperator Titan stompin across the field. (No idea on how you would go about animating the units)
But i also would like to see Imperial tanks like the StormBlade / BaneBlade etc.
Then you have all the fun of creating the weapons . .

As for if i am up to doing the modding to make this all happen - dunno yet
I kinda got my hands full with GSB :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait a second…

I’ve got an idea and I like it.

A Supreme Commander 2 mod.

I can see it now… Illuminate Universal Assault Bots supported by Airnomo’s and Urchinow’s fighting their way through Cybran defenses supplemented by Bomb Bouncers and stationary Megalith II’s.

Hell yeah.

That sounds AWSOME!!! DO IT i want the cybrans giant cybrannosaurus!