Who's gunna be making GSB to GTB crossover!!!s :D


A StarCraft II mod. Really that would only work if there are air units, but we’ll see. SupCom 2 mod would be my top priority though. If there ARE air units (even if they’re just air strikes) I would make both mods. Maybe. Probably. With some help. :stuck_out_tongue:

What the hell am I saying. Way too early to be talking about this. I mean come on, the game hasn’t even been released yet! XD

yeah, im not even sure i understand what form of gameplay it will be :confused:

still, the time we spend waiting for the game might aswell be used to discuss it :stuck_out_tongue:


all i know is that im gonna start planning the USSN ground units. hovertanks, fast attack vehicles, supersuit infantry, bipedal raptor walkers and quadrupedal battlestations >:D

Mechwarrior mod… OH YEAH!

How about SJ Games’ Ogre or Keith Laumer’s Bolos??

GSB can be used to fight space and orbital battles in metamod, while GTB to fight ground battles and taking over the planets in metamod :slight_smile:

What about a zombie mod . .
(i also wonder how many factions will be avalaible in the first release)

You just said the magic word, my friend. I love those books. The Bolos of the Dinochrome Brigade will NEVER surrender!!!

I believe that it can be considered as happening within completely different realities.

There is zero direct or even indirect mention of Earth anyplace within what little GSB canon exists, while what we know (so far) of GTB’s setting is that it’s explicitly placed on Earth.

I don’t know, Astro, could we contrive the mysterious origins of the Empire with surprise victory of Wilhelm II (who has of course at this point been preserved as a head in a jar)?
Perhaps the United States created the Federation after becoming entirely fed up with treading water over loan repayment?
The League of Nations has somehow matured into a great insectoid conglomerate following its disastrous mishandling of the Third Mars Crisis (in which the entire planet was divided in two between Slavic and Martian populaces) in 2245?
The ridiculous possibilities are endless!

For many years, I’ve been a serious student of the Great War and the Anglo-German economic competition, colonial grudge-match and finally their naval arms race that helped make the war possible.

As for the ridiculous possibilities: yes they are legion, but we don’t need to throw mud onto GSB in the process. Your faux-serious suggestions above did make me chuckle pleasantly, though. :slight_smile:

Let’s just allow GSB to be itself and allow GTB to be itself, and never the twain shall meet. :wink:

I’m afraid that i’m VERY tempted to make the land armies for each GSB race, but that means a ton of job, wich also makes me seriously think about it… i should it or i shouldn’t? gahhh… feeling headhache incoming Px

But after playtesting GTB im pretty sure that i can come with some original idea, i’m wanting to know more about the mechs mechanics, cuz i would love to make some of those supra Hi-Tech anime mechs like this one:

Believe me, I am quite thankful for the game’s insular nature. Having minored in History with but a meagre four months in a far-too-general Interwar course leaves me fairly ignorant on the subject. But not so ignorant as to slander the subject. Nor is Cliff, I believe.

Oh, I wasn’t scorning or mocking your humor up above; far from it!

Rather, I’m of the view that just as GSB slowly developed a mythos, fanon and backstory of its own, I think we should give GTB a chance to eventually do the same – independently of any other game’s influence. No harm, no foul, mate. :smiley: