Why are there no mods?

What’s with the lack of mods? I thought it was easier to mod this than GSB yet there are no mods for GTB. I love using mods due to the amazing things they add, so I’m disappointed

Maybe people have personal mods which they have created but have decided not to release them for general public ?
(Although i think you intended this question to be somewhat rhetorical.)

Personally i found modding GTB on the same level as GSB.

I wouldn’t say there are NO mods for GTB :stuck_out_tongue:
(Also, it is worth to note that Cliff has included a modding guide that could help get you started.)

For what its worth, don’t let the lack of mods stop you from creating your own mod for GTB and release it for the community :slight_smile:

Good Luck.

I began working on a mod for GTB, but complications with localization on csv spreadsheet formats got in my way. basically, every time i saved, all the semicolons changed to commas and all the commas changed to dots.

this isnt a problem with GTB, its just a problem with Excel.

But what changes into Semi-Colons?

From what I understood when working with Ponyus, he was using Microsoft Excel which was trying to “help” when he was importing the data as a csv file. (for example: it would assume the semicolons were delimiters and remove them on import and use commas on export)

It is a bit sad that i didnt get it to work. I had a few things going on before i gave up.