Why didn't I put this in earlier? :D

The tab key now cycles through the divisions you set up (looping around), so you can set up one division with all infantry, one with all small turrets, one with big turrets etc(or however you like) and rapidly toggle between those lists on the deployment bar by just a few tab-key hits.
I should have done this right from the start, it is much faster and more convenient and involves less scroll-hell. It also means you don’t need any hassle of assigning number keys to divisions, or running out of hotkeys for them. I guess I should make shift+tab go backwards really…
Expect it to be in patch 1.006.

That’s great news. Really looking forward to make use of it as my list of custom units is growing bigger with every play.

Yep, certainly great news !
I am really looking forward to it.
It’ll make division management much easier and faster. Thanks !