Why do my fighters keep retreating?

Just make it defult in the survival’s and things should improve quite a bit :smiley:

U wrong. Thats wat i did, and wat is my surprise that once the fighters are repaired, they get out of the carrier bay and start flying in circles around the ship, doing nothing more. And another problem is that fighters will retreat not only to the left side of the map, also to the right side, bottom, and so on. This is very bad, cuz the caution order doesnt work, if u put it on fighters. Only some of my fighters take the caution orders in the right way ahd return to the battle when they are repaired. Others get stuck flying in circles around the carrier.

Besides, i noticed that the escort order only works under about 400 of range, if u put more than 400 range on a escort order that ship will ignore it. Is this made on purpose?