Why is GSB Conquest so easy???

I’ve just purchase GSB conquest on mac through steam. I zipped through it on hard mode - I was lucky to see more than 2 frigates in any battle. Super easy.
What’s up?

Also, i searched this forum and i found a few old threads about this that ended with a “problem fixed” post, with no additional information.

Is there a solution?

I thought that this problem was fixed :open_mouth:


Check your intarwebz and fyarwollz.

I have no problems with my internet connection. Is it a mac version thing?

Hell, what game are you playing? I get creamed repeatedly. To the point of feeling like I want to uninstall the game. Perhaps you could post some strategy tips?

Browse this forum. There are various assorted tips laying around. There is a campaign “miniguide” by Rammus on page 4 or so. Other tips are sprinkled around such as Campaign Threat Mechanic, etc.

Heres my tips:

  1. You dont have to start on turn 1. It isnt a bad idea to sit around for 20 turns or so and build up resources, along with a small fleet. Then you can build up over 3 turns or so, and prepare the attack.

  2. Sending in 1 fighter to all your neighbors is a good idea. It gives you an idea what you are up against so you don’t get hard-countered as easily. That fleet will then stay the same forever…so its also a good way to lockdown their fleet.

  3. You ideally want to play a fleet with no or minimal hard counters. Sure that missile fleet is solid…until you encounter the swarm ships with smart-bombs…
    The best fleet for this in my opinion is the Tribe’s Utopia class cruiser loaded down with Plasma Launchers, 1 reflective shield, and a bit of armor, with 1 tractor beam, 1 Beam Laser (anti-armor), and auto-repair optionally. You would then have 1 squad of fighters to Escort each one. Fighter would be a 1 laser, 1 rocket variety that defends against enemy fighters and spams rockets at frigates that rush in.
    This fleet is very very hard to counter and has no cheeze counter. Mass fighters will likely lose to your tractor beam+defensive fighters, cannot be jammed, smartbombed, etc.

  4. You might consider installing the Unity, Union, and Ut:Virus or other modded races. They are a lot of fun and give you an advantage so you can do better in campaign without having to rely on 1 boring strategy…or get hard countered and lose if playing a different strat.

The plasma ship you have is easily countered by any rush fleets, and lacks anti fighter capability. Granted campaign don’t really have much solid cruiser laser rush, but still.

My Utopia looks like this

3 cruiser plasma, 2 beam laser, 1 cruiser laser, 1 scrambler, 1 pulse laser. Range set to 770, co-op, last stand.

Reflective Shield, 1 reinforced crew module, 2 reinforced power plant, 3 lightweight engine to get 0.2 speed (for retreating).

I personally have found that a tractor beam is a lot more helpful than a pulse laser or defense laser. For every 1 cruiser Ill have a squad of laser/rocket fighters escorting. Even when facing several times the number of fighters Ive still come up on top. The reason is that the fighters tend to shoot at my cruisers instead of my fighters, and also every 10 seconds (@ 1.0timescale) a cruiser’s tractor beam ensures the quick death of 1 enemy fighter. This works because two high speed laser fighters tend to take forever to actually kill each other. Hence, the multiple tractors do make a significant impact.

Ive also noticed that long range fleets are a lot more common in the campaign vs short range fleets. Hence, I want to allocate as much long range firepower as possible to match them. My fighters have been pretty effective against closer range ships since each squad tosses out 16 rockets and then lasers at very close range. That negates the need for Cruiser Lasers since by the time they arrive that close, shields are likely stripped along with some armor.

I agree with the idea of using a guidance disruptor and make sure to put it in the front-most turret so it works from as far off as possible so your shields don’t get dinked. Missile fleets are pretty common and this is a pretty easy way to greatly lower their effect. if Tribe, your shields are mostly there to bounce beam lasers and frigate/fighter class weapons… you don’t have much shield strength to work with. I suspect that getting the .2 speed is a realy good idea too…

Good luck!

Pulse laser does 3 things.

  1. It hits fighters.
  2. It kills all forms of frigates rush.
  3. It semi anti cruiser rush.

Tractor only does 1 thing, and nobody said anything about defense laser.

Also, they are not mutually exclusive. You still need a few tractors in the fleet even when every ship has a pulse laser.

I’ve experienced the same thing as the original poster. Just purchased from Steam for my Mac. I have all expansions but the last (flak cannon race).

My first campaign on captain level was a piece of cake. I finished it in 52 turns and didn’t lose a single ship. Never saw more than 2 frigates, or 1 frigate and 1 fighter squad the whole way.

This was very much a letdown. Definitely not worth the purchase price to me…

Wow!! I may have discovered a fix! I’m suddenly getting massive fleets attacking me! lol

Try this:

In Steam, go to your library and right-click on the game. Select Properties.

Select the Local Files tab, then click on Verify Integrity of Game Cache…

Watch out for the Properties window to disappear behind the main Steam window when you click on the tab. It did for me. You have to move things around to get at it.

My Verify found one bad file, which it downloaded again. After that, I fired up the game (v.1.55) and it said v.1.56 is available. I said download, but it never restarted. So I went in to try the campaign with my barely started second game. I attacked a planet with my puny force, expecting just two frigates. Nope! Good thing that retreat button is there! This was with v.1.55. I haven’t tried since quitting to see if it updated to 1.56.

What is Steam?

EDIT: The funny part, is that i dont know how to describe Steam cuz i’ve never used it, i just know some of its features, sorry…

If you goning to post a funny picture like that - Could you please answer the question at the same time, Praetors.

And i have sent a PM to cwhuling answering the question - so back to the original topic please: