Why is population only half the real value

I was taking a look at the files and I noticed that for each country the population is only half the actual value. Is there any specific reason for this?

Its divided by 2000, not 1000

Wow, IDK that! You learn something new everyday! Wonder why it’s divided by 2000 instead of 1000 though?

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I guess 2000 voters is enough of granularity

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I guess, what I’m thinking is why not more or less, is there some reason? Maybe it’s because 2000 voters is a representative sample of the population at large?

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Yeah, it was like this since first game.
Maybe it could be changed to 5000 voters since computers are better now.


You’ve been playing since D1?

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Since Democracy 2 - that game had smokers and drinkers as separate voter groups :smiley:
But I assume that first one also had same thing

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That’s a very funny early development categorization.

I wonder if the population is cut in half so the population graph would fit.

Huh, interesting.

I believe it was to manage early computers.