Why is the ECM Shock beam called ECM?

Great game, but it just sort of bugs me that this weapon has “ECM” in the title. Is there any justification for this? It seems quite out of place.

I’m not 100% happy with the name of it. Better ideas are welcome. “Positronic Flux destabiliser cannon” maybe?

How about EMP Cannon? Electro-magnetic pulses wreck havoc with electronics. The ECM shield could then be replaced with Shielded Electronics or even Optronic Network (replacing electronic systems with optronics, which use light and instead of electricity and are therefore invulnerable to EMPs.

Why not call it Energy Grenade (Thrower) - Whoops i read ECM Missile - lack of coffee! :wink:

Energy Pulse Thrower then… ^^

EMP shock beam would be fine. Although I suppose ‘Electro magnetic pulse shock beam’ sounds a bit odd when you sound it out. EMP Beam, isn’t very spectacular a name, but sounds about right.

Then you can rename the Guidance Scrambler back to ECM, like it should be :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going with EMP Cannon :smiley:

Or call it Electro Magnetic Shock beam or EMS beam for short.