Why not think bigger?

Sorry for my bad english.

I love the game and i love the way it makes you think of refreshing your lines again and again and again. But now im at the point that my factory is producing everything perfect. I produce more then my showroom/costumors can handle. So i think: why not think bigger?

Your start your factory in a country, lets say the Netherlands. When you furfill the demand in your country, you can set up showroom in Germany or France and so on. Eventuale you provide cars to every country in europe, so you think bigger and send of ships to Amerika or Asia.

  • new challange to keep your factory growing to provide the demand of the world… this can go to infinity
  • Build parking lots outside your factory for your cars that are ready for shipment.
  • Start with the basic structures, and get the option of buying more land and build new buildings
  • Maybe a import building (Stockroom) where trucks come in/out and thats connected to the overhead rails. Every truck delivers one type of goods, so plenty of trucks coming in and out. Also you can keep stock in your stockroom and expand when you need more space for the ever expending goods. Maybe something with forklifts that unload the trucks and load it into a computer stockroom thats also need convayerbelts to deliver everygood into the right place. Something like you already have made with the storage of goods.

I also like the idea of contracts. A offer thats pops up and gives you the option to build a car in a limited selection.

  • the Spanish driver Alonso has designt a car and asks you to build 25 of them within 24 hours. We will give you €40.000 per car. If you deliver all 25 within 24 hours you get a extra bonus
  • The compition has a error in there factory. Can you take over the production for 3 days? €30.000 per car.

Then a other point, the bank is not realy clear of when your done with the loan. Also, i would be id i have the option to buy out my loan.

A pause button in the line would be perfect. Now i need to destroy the axle builder, otherwise it just keeps on building cars.

Thats it for now, maybe i think of more things if you like these ideas

Also, i produced al couple of cars that miss 50% of its parts like car alarm ect. But when they go to the showroom, no one wants to buy them (ofcours). So can i tag that car so only that car gets a discount so i can sell it.

Would also be clearer if the showroom is categorised so i can see wich car type i have to many/enough.

Thx for reading,
Greets Michael

Hi, I like a lot of this stuff…its just finding the time to code and test it :smiley:

Haha, i understand that im asking for the moon. The thing that im affraid of is that this game is only playabel/amussing for a couple of hours. Once you get the hang of it its becoming pretty straight forward. Buth im sure you already got some ideas for the extention of the game. And again: i love the graphics and the puzzle to keep everything as smooth as possible.

I read in a other threat that by building a new slot the upgrades per slot again and again is a big hassle. Maybe a “upgrade all” button? And also a copy/paste of custom line sections so i can easily duplicate a selfmade sections.

Thanks again for reading!