Why the full game might crash at the election...

If you are here to find out why the full copy of the game seems to crash during the election, the answer is here:

You almost certainly have a cracked ‘pirate’ copy of the game. The pirates ballsed up their crack, and this is a bug which is in the cracked (and very very out of date) copy of the game.
Quite why people expect a game that has been manually hex-edited by someone without access to the source code to be bug-free amazes me. But quite why people expect they can trust an exe from a warez site amazes me too.
Just sick of hearing people mention this in how the game is ‘buggy’…

haha. i do find it funny. who on earth would pirate a copy of a game thats like a quater of the cost of most other games… I blame the Labour party. lol

Out of curiosity, was this one of the reasons why you started asking people why they were pirating your games?

I haven’t had any problems with the games as-sold. Some of the Mods I’ve created have had problems…but then I’m not a very good modder yet. :slight_smile:

No it isn’t the reason I asked, but since I asked I have discovered this to be the case, which is a bit depressing.
I guess hardcore pirates think all games are buggy, and now I know why!

The last thing I would think of pirating is a homemade game basically, and someones income who might depend on it.

And yeah, this game isn’t expensive, why pirate it?

I noticed you didn’t say it was free.

Because it isn’t free.

Hiya guys!

This isn’t really the thread that I wanted to make my first post on here, but what the heck…
We’ve been talking about this subject over on the Sports Mogul forum since yesterday: Gaming piracy

Anyway, I’m willing to admit that I downloaded the game before buying it. I played the hell out if it for about a week, then put it down… and came back to it, which is why I bought it. Fairly normal, on my part anyway. Cliff, providing support (and your sales model where access to the download is guaranteed) is your strength. Don’t worry about the pirates, their not significantly hurting you. Don’t be scared to provide some support for the issue, either (although, it’s obviously not a good idea not to provide a workable patch to the hex edited version(s)). Sugar catches more flies than vinegar.

Thanks for the great game!

Exactly. Not free, not unhacked. (as sad as that is).
Personally I’d almost be too scared to download a pirated game, not just from a sense of not stealing or anything like that, but because there could be a killer virus in there. o.O
A games publisher is a lot less likely to infect his clients than some random dude on the web…

This clears it up then. I’ll happily admit that I downloaded the game, but when I discovered you guys were indie and read through the site I went and bought the full version.

I’m all for screwing over corporations but the man on the street needs support. If it wasn’t for this bug I might never have known the real deal here, to excuse my ignorance.

Don’t worry too much about the pirates. If they download it, and enjoy it, there’s a good chance they will buy it. Otherwise, they would not have bought it in the first place, so no lost revenue for you. A lot of people like to collect stuff on their hard drives, or try it for 2 minutes and delete it.

I just downloaded a pirated copy of the game, followed the tutorial, then BAM crash on elections.
This is enough for me to not buy the game. I want to know whether it is addictive enough or not.
I downloaded Europa Universalis 3, I liked it immensely and bought the collector’s edition + expansions.
(Note: paradox games does not add any anti-pirate solution on their games, since it’s useless. I love those guys. They got a loyal customer.)
Dwarf Fortress is a free game, but I donated to keep it going. Brilliant stuff.

I downloaded a lot of games which I tried a few times and didn’t like enough. That’s fair, I don’t play, I don’t pay.
I downloaded some games which I couldn’t get to work (often due to anti-piracy crap), no idea whether it’s fun or not. There goes a customer.

I’m not going to try the demo, the website doesn’t even say in what ways it’s limited from the full version. (Less options? Limited playing time/start-ups? Just a tutorial?)
(Just noting I know of it).

You’re right cliff, it’s not that you program badly, but that you force the crackers to screw with it.
Why don’t you just add a serial system for online play? Then I can easily pirate it and get extended options when I like it enough.
No naughty customers like me lost due to disappointing experience.

Just my 2 cents.

Your a thief who comes to the developers site to criticise him.
Frankly, fuck off.
Where were you on the day your parents were trying to teach you a sense of right and wrong? out car-jacking?

I’m amazed at the cheek of some idiots.

Technically, I’m not a thief by definition, …

more bullshit excuses by the thief were here.

I edited them, because I’m the site owner, and I pay the hosting bills. I know some kids don’t understand the concept of ownership, but tough shit. I pay the hosting bills, so I can do what I like. understand?

Bye kid, If you want a ‘conversation with the developer’, try not stealing from him.

I understand how you feel Cliff, and I completely support the position that you’ve taken above. People like that, they’re really just looking for attention is all, anyway.

Back to the real subject of this thread though. The best solution, in my opinion, is to put your games up on The Pirate Bay and Mininova (among other places) yourself. The demo versions are the full versions anyway, so just start seeding them. 1) I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll receive some attention/publicity from the “scene” for doing that. 2) People who try and don’t buy are very likely not customers anyway. Kids with no money, people who just don’t like the game, whatever. You gain more in good favor then you loose in “lost sales”, since most of the “losses” aren’t at all real.

I didnt dl it because your indie and not a big corp, you need the money. :slight_smile:

To be honest, I try torrent’s of games for only one reason. I want to know if the game is worth the money. If I don’t like it after a few minutes of playing, I uninstall it and forget about it. If I like it, I will attempt to buy it (of course, I will quickly erase the torrent either way), but I am 15 without a source of income except my parents (a job…is not very likely during my junior year).

Normally demo’s are enough for me to see how good the game is (World in Conflict was good).
Democracy 2 (which I am trying to encourage my parents to buy) is really good (from the demo atleast, along from these forums). You’ve done amazing work. I just wish the demo had a little more content…

Oh, and I haven’t used a cracked version of your game. I wanted to, but I will rather wait to hope my parent’s are interested.

BTW, is there going to be Democracy 3 or continued “Support” for this game (considering it seems to be at least 2 years old). Or are you just moving on from the “series”?

Hi cliff, rob here (fellow indie developer) I just wanted to say that you are a legend. On your own site you had the balls to eschew being politically correct on the Democracy sub forum and tell him to fuck off. I can’t stop laughing. In fact I’m going to buy some of your games regardless if I like them or not… lol awesome, awesome.

Heh, thanks :smiley: