[wild idea]Different amount of armor for each module

“Damage report.”
“Captain. Multiple small-caliber hits. Radar is down. Secondary turrets 4 and 6 out of action, anti-aircraft machinegun emplacements report 20% casulties. Rudder 3 is jammed.”
“The main guns?”
“Main battery report hits, but are still operational and are returning fire.”

It might be cool if each module on the same ship can be given different amounts of armor by the players. This would add depth of the game as the players would have to decide which systems are essential and which are not. Say, maybe the heavy weapons, shields, plus a reactor would be heavily armored, and any light weapons that about to damage them would be deflected. However what else that are not essential to the ship’s fighting ability, such as extra anti-fighter guns could have practically no armor and therefore shot away pretty quickly as the ship takes damage. The interface change for this would be that the player could drag both a module component and an armor component into each slot. Additionally, some systems such as sensors or ecm and fast-tracking turret that would logically have to be placed on the outside of the ship and therefore have an limit to the weight of armor that can be applied to them.

It kinda depends on how the armor system gets reworked on how it could be implemented because right now you can build armored cruisers that all indestructible (See the Second Four Horseman of the Apocalypse Challenge for proof). This idea has historical precedent, around the beginning of World War II battleships adopted an All or Nothing armor scheme that left the nonvital parts of the ship relatively unarmored so that the vital parts of the ship could have the heaviest armor possible. However this might lead to a further, or another if the current one has been fixed, imbalance in armor power as it leads to making armor more powerful since there are simply parts of the ship that you don’t need to fight effectively. I haven’t noticed that crew quarters matter much, and if you’ve encountered that much firepower engines might not matter to you then either. Since I believe I’ve seen ships with no reactors still firing away it looks like the only things you need to protect are weapons, repair stations and other things that are actually actively doing something or preventing something from happening.