Wild Imbalances

I think the engine of this game is problematic in that it encourages implementation at the extremes.

I think the best proposal would be a model where every slider was discrete, and by default turned on.

You could have something like 10 ticks along a policy:

0: Fanatically Opposed
1: Moderately Opposed
2: Minimally Opposed
3: Not on Radar
4: Pilot Program
5: Minimal Implementation
6: Moderate Implementation
7: Sizable Implementation
8: Heavy Implementation
9: Maximal Implementation

Using Political Influence allows you to raise or lower a policy by 1 tick, rather than an unlimited amount.

It seems ridiculous to me that the most sensible use of political influence in this game is implementing at the extremes, as most policies do best there, and the political capital is the same for a pilot program as it is for a full scale extremist roll out.

I know my policy choices end up completely wonky, often completely canceling cost ineffective programs