Will Kudos 2 be nicer to noobs?

I think this game is interesting and (so far) pretty fun, but it’s severely lacking in terms of in-game help and friendly UI. Only by hitting the forums can you figure out some things in the game (such as the worthlessness of lottery tickets, though to be fair that is a pretty funny inclusion).

I just think there are a few things that really need to be explained better:

[]Which pets give which benefits? Once you buy you find out, but it’s kind of painful to drop a bunch of cash on a parrot, for instance, only to find out that perhaps the hamster was the better choice.[/]
[]How do you keep culture and IQ at a high level? So far I’ve found this to be difficult, but there are a few things that give “free” boosts, such as the newspaper subscription. But does that have other effects as well? No idea…[/]
[]Jobs are just terrible. Just to see what a job requires uses up a free time slot. Why? And then you don’t know if the job is going to kill you (high stress, for instance) until after you’ve applied, gotten an offer, and accepted! I think of all the problems in Kudos, the job system is the biggest.[/]
[]What do various skills and classes really do for you? It’d be great to know that “French” gives you the ability to take on the higher-paying food industry jobs, for instance. Really, some kind of Civilopedia-like system would be great (see Civ 3) - “French” could explain a bit about the skill, how fast you’re able to learn it, various benefits of knowing it (maybe it gives a hidden culture boost and I wouldn’t even know), and a list of jobs it affects. Click the job listed and it takes you to that job’s encyclopedia entry, complete with pay range, skills required (again linked to their entries), etc.[/]

I think a lot of these features could be solved with pretty simple in-game help. Right-click something (or hover over it, or click a “?” icon, or whatever), get a detailed description of it - before you commit to anything. A proper manual could explain all this stuff, too, but in-game help is by far the best way to get people sucked into the game.

I suspect it’s too late for feature requests, but basically I’d like to know if Kudos 2 solves these problems in any way, and if not, is it something that’s planned?

Aha a lot of these issues are solved in Kudos 2. The reason for job browsing taking a day, is that some jobs are ‘rare’. If you could browse them every day, the rarity factor would become irrelevant, because you would never miss them.
Plus it does take time to find a good job. That’s my defence anyway :smiley: