Will there be a Democracy 4, and ideas for improvement

Hi there,

I’m new to the forum. I wanted to know the possibility of there being a Democracy 4? I’ve pondered to great lengths about political matters and read a great deal of political literature and I work in an ICT job. I like the game, and can think of many improvements that can be made to it. I’m happy to share. They range from simple to complex. One idea I had for a simple change is as follows:

Splitting the Liberal group up into Humanists and Libertarians. I think at present the Liberal group is a fusion of the two semi-conflicting ideologies, and having these as two separate groups would make more sense.

Humanists would be in favour of the United Nations, multi-lateralism, anti-racism measures, universal human rights, international relations, foreign aid, support of the Arts and be opposed to military spending, non-UN approved military deployments, border controls and the like. They get upset with poverty, inequality, racial tension and homelessness, It could be said that Humanists are the near-opposite of Patriots.

Libertarians would be pro-gun and anti-big brother etc and in favour of traditional constitutional rights. I can see in real-world society there are both Capitalist and Socialist leaning Libertarians, so it would have no bearing on macro-economic policy although they would be opposed to nanny-state taxes on cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and junk food, and against alcohol and smoking bans etc. They would also be against denying freedom of speech and association of any social group - for example if you banned a far-right march, Libertarians would get upset whereas Humanists would approve. I would also see the Libertarian group as being neither favourably nor unfavourably disposed to immigration or border security.

I can see both Humanists and Libertarians as having overlap only in favour of drug legalization and abortion and against torture. Permissive gun laws would make Libertarians and Patriots happy, and make Humanists unhappy as well as reduce the membership of the humanist group. I can also see favouring the teaching of evolution in schools would indeed make the religious unhappy, reduce the membership of the religious group, and increase the numbers of Libertarians, Humanists and Patriots respectively.

How does this sound so far? Please also come up with suggestions of what you’d like to see in Democracy 4

Hi. I agree with these. Also potentially more parties in the nations & having to work with other parties in coalitions would be cool.

Democracy should add a DLC were it makes lead the nation as if a zombie apocalypse was happening

Do like this idea, I also believe that one great idea would be implementing a Parliament or legislature. These policies or changes to laws should be voted upon. Sometimes your party may rebel against you and as a result you are unable to make a change to the policy you wanted

I am new, I would love to see more complex systems and groups and also, a political alignment for us to have ourselves in game, I would like to see people who agree with Democratic Socialism, Communism, Socialism, Corporate Capitalism, Capitalism, Social Capitalism, Centrist etc. I would also love to see people who may break stereotypes. I would like to be able to occasionally go around to different types of people and talk with them and see their opinions and I would like to see, Elites try to exert influence and see if people agree or not. The game should also see Public healthcare as being mostly cheaper then heavily subsidised by government Health Insurance.