Win 7 Support

I would like to buy this game through steam, however I have had issues with recent game purchases not running properly in Win 7, does this game support win 7?

I’ve had no problem playing the game from my seven partition, so you should be fine too.

I’m currently running it on Windows 7 Ultimate RC1 (Build 7100), and haven’t had any problems after more than two months of play.

My son has an issue in Windows 7 where the game will minimize as if someone hit alt-tab or something. The game becomes unstable when he tries to return to it. Any ideas what could cause the game to ‘lose focus’ and how to stop it?

Let’s see I believe he as Win7 RC1, and one of those logitech gamer mice and keyboards with the LCD display. (In case you think it might be something to do with the hardware.)


It probably isn’t the hardware as such, but some crapware software that got bundled with it. You should take a look in the task manager and kill off any process that isn’t needed to run the game, then see if it still happens. It’s probably some background program.

Aye, that sounds reasonable. I found a few processes to prune, but since I’m an WinXP guy there’s still a lot of new services and such that I need to get up to speed on. I was hoping that someone more Win7 experience had found and fixed for this problem. Time to do some more homework.

Of course, if I find anything, I’ll post the results.


I’m currently having the same issue; however, its not just with GSB. I’m going to be doing a fresh install of 7 Ultimate very soon, so I’ll see if it happens with just the regular empty Windows install. I’ll update once I’ve done it.

I’ve got a positive confirmation that AVG 9.0 causes this ‘program loses focus’ problem. It happens when people upgrade from AVG 8.5 to 9.0. And it does affect other full screen games becides GSB under Windows 7. It’s on their forum and they’re aware of the issue but it has not been resolved yet.

I uninstalled AVG on my son’s machine and GSB made it past the 30 minute mark without a glitch.