Window Bug

Ran into this with 1.3 (not sure if it happened on previous versions).

  1. Create a fighter group as high up in the deployment field as you can.
  2. Right Click on it and change the number of fighters.
  3. The window that pops up, can’t be closed. The only way I could close it is to alt-F4 out of the game. When I click the X it either minimizes the game or selects the menu behind it. Part of the window is actually off-screen for me.

My resolution is set at 1920X1080.

It repeats everytime for me, not a huge deal at all once you know it’s there but figured I’d let you know. I can send a screenshot if need be - send me an e-mail address to send it to.

It should still close with the escape key. is that working?

…yes… :-/

I can’t explain why I didn’t try that.

That’s ok, it’s still a bug, which will get fixed the next time I do stuff like that.