Windowed mode crashing

Bought this game earlier today and love it to bits. It’s gonna absorb my entire weekend, I know it. Reminds me a lot of Alter Ego.

Anyway, the only issue I have is that it crashes if I switch to Windowed mode, or Alt+Tab to a different screen. It just pops up with “Kudos.exe has encountered an error and must be closed” and that’s it.

I’m running it off a GeForce 7600GT, and ingame performance in fullscreen mode is fine. Is there something obvious I’m missing?

My desktop resolution is set at 1152x864 by the way.

I haven’t had othe reports of this, on my test machine, with a Geforce 6800GT, it will happily alt+enter to toggle windowed / full screen, and alt+tab to other apps. Do you have the latest drivers for your card? it could well be a video card driver issue.

I had such problem in other game. Try to set more virtual memory (My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced settings). I hope it would help.

Just updated my drivers to the latest release, and still no joy. My Virtual Memory is fine, nearly 2Gb free. Patch 1.13 didn’t make a difference either unfortunately. I’ll just have to go without windowed mode, I suppose. No matter.

Incidentally, a very minor bug I’ve noticed is that if I save midway through a weekend, when I reload it will always say “Time to sleep” at the bottom right,despite the fact I can do another activity.

I get a related problem: if I tab out and then back again, I get a black screen, though the music keeps playing. I’m using WinXP, have 1 GB RAM, plenty of hard drive space, and a Radeon 850X card. I’m thinking it has to do with some card setting, but for the life of me I can’t figure out what to change.

is this 100% repeatable? ie, if you just start up the game, then try it from the menu screen dioes it still do it?
I cant reproduce this here… ;(

Nor can I, now. Sheesh. It’s been aggravating me for weeks, and now that I’ve reported it, it works fine. I can’t get it to happen again.

I was confusing this thread with another one in my previous reply. Actually, it happens all the time. Since your latest update, whenever I tab back into the game, I don’t simply get a blank screen; I also get a small popup box with the words, “D3DEngine Error” in it. Closing it does nothing. I have to tab out, then close the window by right-clicking on the program tab.

ah intresting. does it say anything else? maybe in the title of that message box? Im trying to track down excatly whats causing it on some machines.

Yes: “Reset Render Target.” Does that help?

possibly. its weird that it has a problem doing that only on some cards though. I’ll investigate.

I’ve done some digging. Sadly this looks like its a driver bug. When Kudos trashes all its surfaces and render targets when you alt+Tab away, it knows to rebuild them all when you tab back. On most cards (including all my machines) it handles it fine. Whats especailly annoying is that, as that is the first error you see, its obvious that your card is claiming to have restored the surfaces when it really hasn’t. What a pain.
I’m presuming this is just a fullscreen thing? is it ok in windowed mode when you swap programs?