Windows 7 64 and Latest nVidia Card

I am having a problem with Kudos 2. I am think there is no hope as I read briefly that Democracy 2 might have a similar issue.

CPU E8400
Video Card 9800GTX+
OS Windows 7 64

When I start the game I get the following error D3DEngine Error VB Locking Error. I got my game through impulse. It is currently version 1.07. I apologize as I am a little confused as to how I am supposed to get the game to patch, although I am not sure the patch will fix this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou.

I forgot to mention my driver version it’s: 195.62

Even if you’ll use v1.08, the game will NOT work in combination with Win7 and Nvidia graphic cards, because cliffski does nothing against it and is ignoring the other thread as well :frowning:

Well I’ve known cliff, on some level since his DRM stance, for awhile now. It doesn’t sound like Cliff to just ignore an issue with one of his games. I mean he’s an independent developer and kind of relies on word of mouth to sell his games, although I’ve seen more marketing of them so long. Anyway, so all nVidia cards using current drivers can no longer run this game as in it’s a driver issue but nVidia has no intentions of fixing it?

No, it’s not the drivers, because I also tested the same driver number (xp, vista and win7 are always the same on x64) on vista and then on win7, it only didnt work on win7.