Windows 7 issue

I am with some problem when I try to fight an online challenge. When I deploy my army, and the game ask me to press any key to start the fight, it crashes and Windows tell that some problem happened and GSB need to be closed.

I am using Windows 7 (64 bits version) and Radeon HD 5770 videocard. I already configured the compatibility mode of GSB for windows xp service pack 2. Anyone has any suggestion to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance,

can you take a look at the contents of

\program files\gratuitous space battles\debugdata\errors.txt

It might explain what is going wrong.


Thanks for the reply.

There are two types of errors on this file

  1. Assertion failure:filename:…\src\SIM_Battle.cpp,linenum:147,build:Full 1.31 (4 lines)
  2. WARNING: Desktop Screen Resolution is below 768 pixels (2 lines)

I already changed the desktop resolution (error #2), but aparentely it did not solve the problem.


that first error is a missing race. maybe to do with a mod? the errors are dated, so that one may be from ages ago? This is a laptop I assume? It could just be video card driver related. If the monitor cannot do 768 pixels, the game may not run, although you can still edit the config file so it runs in windowed mode.

Cliff, I have this desktop computer since january 2010 and I never did any mod. All errors occurred on february 2010 (I bought GSB a few weeks ago). I have no idea how it is affecting the online part of GSB. Anyway, I will try to run it on windowed mode (I am using a LCD TV). I believe that there’s some problem with my videocard or with Windows 7. Anyway, I would like to thank you for the help. Regards, bonaccorsi.