Windows 7

I can’t seem to run Kudo’s Rock Legend on Windows 7 can I?

  • Rock Legend starts up
  • Opening screens comes
  • She starts singing
  • Everything loads…and loads…and loads…
  • She finishes singing and my mouse is slowly moving across the screen, leaving me with the start up screen and nothing else…

Am I doing something wrong??

This is exactly the problem I have, even in compatibility mode for Vista or XP! Is there a workaround for this?

Bumping this with more info and because the problem still seemingly has no solution.

When I run in compatibility mode for Vista or XP, it say it is unable to find a texture file. Running in Vista does exactly what the OP says it does, displays a title screen with theme music and no way to do anything or move forward at all. Completely unresponsive. Please advise.

1.17 version fixes these problems!

The game works now, it’s the best possible result.