WINDOWS: STEAM: "Invalid Neural Funtion" Crash


I bought the game via Steam a long time ago. I’ve played it only a few times but I want to get back into it. I have all the DLCs. When I started up the game, it went fine. I selected a country, the terms and all that stuff, and then tried to begin my game.

I got this abrupt crash:
Invalid Neural Function:.\src\SIM_neuraleffect.cpp 128

I saw some posts on the Steam forums about this with no obvious solution. In all my attempts I tried to play as America. When I picked another country… it worked! Problem is, I want to play as America. I verified the cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the game and all DLCs individually, ran as Admin, etc. Interestingly enough I get the exact same crash on my Desktop and my Laptop.

Here is someone on Steam with a similar problem and similar specs to my desktop PC. … 208326773/
Here’s another: … l=schinese
and another: … ?l=koreana
yet another here on this forum:

I hope that this bug will be fixed in an expedient and timely manner so that the hundreds to thousands of people no doubt facing this crippling bug can enjoy the game once again. It’d really be a shame if support ignored such a game-breaking and persistent issue affecting such a huge number of its player base.

Thank you! I look forward to hearing your reply in the next few hours.


OK I figured it out, for anyone who doesn’t know! Hopefully this is helpful.

Just disable mods until it works.