I read that some plp are successful running this game through WINE, i however didnt achive that.

The game installs ok, but when i run, i get the error:

ERROR - FMODFailed to getDriverCaps An invalid parameter was passed to this function:
:…\src\GUI_Sounds.cpp 635

Before getting to this point, i have to manually edit /home/antonio/My Games/GratuitousSpaceBattles/prefs.ini, to solve another error:

width = 1680
height = 1050
windowed = 0
sound_channels = 512

Any help would be appreciated.


I forgot, i am using the demo, nor the game.

I just bought the full game and experience the same problem under wine using either OSS or ALSA. I assume this is due to some sort of unusual act of stupid in FMOD to discover through trial and error something that is made available by an API.

My popup says:
ERROR – FMOD[Failed to getDriverCaps] (37) An invalid parameter was passed to this function.
:…\src\GUI_sounds.cpp 645.

I just purchased tonight, so I guess I am running 1.40. Happy to provide additional info.