Winning influence in situations


On events, there is a “winning” influence, which increases the chance of it occurring as your become more successful, and thus improves long-term playability. I’ve been wondering whether it is possible to use this same factor in the situations, so that (for example) as well as being influenced by corporation tax and income tax, tax evasion would also be influenced by how well you were doing. This would mean that your chance of having negative situations would increase (and your chance of having positive situations would decrease) as the game went on, and would therefore to some extent counter the problem there is at the moment of the game becoming easier.

On some situations (the ones that the majority of the effect is on happiness) this would go hand in hand with the new “complacency” value, and would complement it really well, as things would become an “issue” that had a negative effect on happiness at a lower level. For example, as the game went on and you became more successful, people would tolerate lower and lower levels of armed robbery, increasing the chance that it would become an issue. Thus a level that would not lead to it being shown as a “situation” at the beginning, even if maintained at the same level, may be considered a negative situation later, when other things in the country are going better. It would reflect people’s expectations of what is an “acceptable” level and what is not increasing.

With other things, such as a skills shortage, the same cannot really be said, but adding such a requirement would mean that the difficulty of dealing with these issues would increase as the game went on, thus stopping you from having the situation where once you solved a problem that was it gone, never to return. It would mean that unless you continued improving your country in that area, the problem would return.

Is it possible for me to simply introduce add the “winning” value to each of the situations in the situations csv file, or could the game not handle this at the moment?

Hmmm. As far as I know, it should work fine to introduce it as an influence more or less anywhere. I think once it comes to ‘inputs’ to a dilemma, situation, event etc, all inputs are treated equally, so winning should be fine. there are also some other ones, as I recall debt and security which you can use.

Hi Cliff,

I’ve had a go at this and posted the result in the main forum. It seems to have made a real improvement, although I haven’t had the chance to test it much. There is a minor display problem that I have mentioned over in the main forum. Could you possibly deal with this for the next version? If so, that would be great. Also, I would really appreciate it if you would have a look at what I’ve done and give me any comments from your expert point of view! Thanks.


If you would like to download the new situations file that I was referring to above, you can get it from …

It really does enhance the long-term playability of the game, so if you don’t have it yet, give it a try. An auto-installer and full instructions are provided with the mod.