[WIP][ALPHA] Snow Pirates (Now Released!)

Why would the shields not work in situation A when the Fast Recharge Shield went down, but work if it wasn’t ever present?

Ah, i see.
Based on what i know - I think you will find that the shield did work right up until those Levi Turrets opened fire.

Your crystal shield had around 5000 hit points (IIRC), but your fast recharge would only has 262 hit points which makes it the weakest link. Those Leviathan Turrets can completely destroy a fast recharge shield in one shot with enough remaining power to punch a sizeable hole through your armour if it was to bear the brunt of the attack. Then after the Fast recharge was destroyed, you would have had a permanent hole in your shield :frowning:

Now, for when you were operating 2 crystal shields. The shields would have been depleting around the same rate. Hence they would have gone down around the same time.

The Mod should have a first release some time tomorrow morning! :smiley:



Finally, after three hours of bug fixing, FlavouredPickle and I managed to get out the Alpha…

When it uploads…

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?xrzorqgoydp93qz

NOTE: Please keep in mind that it’s an alpha, and is only meant to help me develop the mod… Please don’t treat it as a complete and balanced mod. :slight_smile:

Feedback is very much appreciated.

EDIT: 0.2 released, fixed the shield bugs… I accidentally left an extra S in the race file. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lastest Download gives me this game-crashin’ error when trying to enter to the ship making window:

3/7/2013 - 10::19 - Turret mapping not found [autocannon] ==> [praetorian]:..\src\SIM_Race.cpp 255

I’ve checked the folders and the file is there, i just dont know why it is relationed with Praetorian Industries, wich makes me suspect that you might have forgotten to change some paths in the module/race codes. I would track the error to its origin, but i’m REALLY short of free time (even for my own modding projects)…

As a suggestion, make sure your mod is a standalone by deleting/moving any other mod in your GSB directory :wink:

Executive Summary:
The error is caused due to weapons with unique turret mappings not being restricted. A more detailed explanation can be found here.

Download this hotfix and extract into the GSB directory.
Snow Pirates - hotfix.zip (4.82 KB)
What does it do:
It will replace the modules with versions that have been restricted to the Snow Pirates.

I did mean to restrict the modules though I wanted to release it before I went to bed. I didn’t know it affected the turret mapping. o.0

Heheh, Don’t worry about it :slight_smile:
All part of the learning process.

Besides, if i could remind you of something you said earlier:


I’m uploading 0.3 with the restricted modules. I also managed to port the original Cruiser modules to the Frigate class, the stats are up on the front page, tell me what you think.

Key: Cruiser | Frigate | Fighter


0.4 is up with a cruiser name, it also adds some incentive to use the Autocannon.

0.5 Incoming with a new 3D cruiser texture (My avatar on the forums) and a Gatling gun. :smiley:

- Added Gatling Cannon
- Changed Cruiser texture and moved cruiser module hard points.
- Added custom textures for muzzle flashes (Blast Texture)
- Added Frigate Gatling Cannon
- Changed Shard Artillery texture
- Added cruiser damage & Hulk textures

0.5 is now out!

Download link is on the main post.

Feedback is appreciated, as always!

A huge new update is coming, it will jump the Alpha to 1.0! :smiley:

S***!!! After installed the fixing the game still crash when I want to choose hulls. Anybody knows why?

what’s the error message ?

Now that I’m onto my second semester, it allows for a much more relaxed schedule, and as such have started doing graphics again for the snow Pirates, and have begun [size=50]yet another[/size] redesign!

Here is a frigate with the new aesthetic :

That is pretty slick. Do you have any plans to make parts of the blue lighting into pulse glows?

I’m not sure, I still haven’t entirely wrapped my head around the coding yet, Calvin(Black–snow) has pretty much done all of the code modding. I think that pulse glow would be very nice, I’ll try to look into it :D,

A shiny new cruiser graphic :smiley:

I really like this new aesthetic you’ve come up with. It’s got a clean, cold look that puts me in mind of the clinical nature of a morgue. Extremely appropriate for a collection of warships.

Thanks for the complement ace! I honestly started making them with the idea ‘covenant from halo, but with more neon, and allot more bizzare.’ :stuck_out_tongue: