[WIP] Infinity (New Race)

With Microbe complete this will be the next race I am working on. I already know exactly the stat of every ship and modules for this, so how fast this come out will solely depend on how fast I can make the graphics.

This certainly looks like it could be interesting.


tim3mach1n3s! epicsause :smiley:

Interesting… very interesting :smiley:

So… pretty…

LOL Epic cat face xD

Kudos to you for conceiving of such unusual graphics! As an amateur horologist, I award you a big box of your favorite kind of cookies. :wink:

I’m also intrigued by guessing at the things that will make Infinity’s tech stand out from other races’, and by the performance of your hulls. It’s getting ever-harder around here to find an entirely new concept to implement. Regardless, your Infinity mod looks like it’s going to be fun.

I cannot wait to start blowing up ships with clockwises, quantum beams, temporary retarding guns (tractor beams :wink: ), time stoppers (OP tractor beams), etc etc etc :smiley:
Just giving some ideas :wink:

I thought about a super tractor, but there’s something about this race that can prevent it from being useful. If you think about it, even if you can freeze a cruiser it’s not that OP. Cruisers never gain much survivability from speed to begin with. So a tractor with over 9000 weight of slow doesn’t gain all that much utility from your normal tractors, but it will be super cool nevertheless.

But rest assure that there will be plenty of distortion and disruption in this mod. The hard part is to actually balance everything.

Anyway here’s the first module to keep you guys interested. Perhaps some Sci Fi fans here will know what a Bias Drive is.

OMGWTF??? Look at the weight!!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
omgomgomgomg!! Look at the thrust!!! O.o’

What is the prupose of those crazy values???

How unusual…there’s a statistically improbable occurrence of “21” in those module specs. I’m baffled but also intrigued. I especially enjoy the way you’ve set module weight against thrust produced in order to gain a desired result.

Bias drive propel a ship through distorting space with gravity. Just like how heavy object don’t fall faster on earth, a ship using bias drive will move at the same speed regardless of it’s mass.

In GSB, the speed of a ship is base on total thrust/total weight. The huge value is used to undermined any additional weight/thrust the ship might have, ensuring that the ship will move at 0.21 speed no-matter what else you put on it.

More about Bias Drive here.

daviddarling.info/encycloped … drive.html


thats wierd… i have never heard of the bias drive, yet i had almost the same idea when i was about 9 years old! but instead i was theorising about magnets…

does that make me a genious or an insane person?

Here’s hull #2.


I like your design.