[WIP MOD] The Ancient Powers

Uhm maybe Ancient Seth, Ancient Ra, Ancient Isis and bla blabla, bla… bla.
Or Aegyptus Seth, Aegyptus Ra etc etc etc…

Yeah, “Aegyptus Ancient Ra Cruiser” sounds really good :smiley:

I have been using the prefix ‘Aegyptus’, but its like “Federation Buffalo Hull”, you always put the race name first… I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just ignore the Swarm :smiley:

UPDATE: Just thought I’d post the things I have done since last update:
Antimatter Weapons- Done
Red Matter Weapons- Done
Armor- In progress
More hulls- Not started
touching up/finishing current hulls- In progress

When those are done, Aegyptus will be pretty much done!

just one question, did you make the antimatter weapons bullets black?
If yes, tell me HOW!!
Seems like its not posible to make black things on this game D:

I tried to make them black, but the game must assume black is the alpha. I actually looked at the alpha channel of my antimatter beam but it looked like a solid beam then, but ingame…


They are transparent. :confused:

You could just make it slightly off of black, like (1, 1, 1) for the RGB values. Should look black to people but not to the game (I haven’t tried this myself though).

Really interesting ideas I’m seeing here. I really like the names for the races and the story :slight_smile:

They are an ancient race, aren’t they? Let’s say Swarm stole their hull’s names :wink:

Why I’ve got the feeling that each time I go AFK for a while great stuff pops around?

thats why i never go AFK xD

good idea Sirjamon… Just like I’m saying the rebels used some of their old hulls! :smiley:
I think I will try that off-black idea, but for some reason the problem occurs only with beams, black on ships works perfectly fine…

OMG Sirjamon, do you finished your exams? Ohhh yessss you have a lot of work, nah just kidding xD

Not yet. You’ll have to wait at least until February. Fortunately, they give us a lot of time to study between exams which is what I should be doing now ¬_¬

[size=50]Mechanical engineering is hellish[/size]

Back to topic… :stuck_out_tongue:
The latest hull: Osiris Class Cruiser. It is definately a WIP, I haven’t even done hulk and damagetexture yet, but since you guys think my work is so great :stuck_out_tongue: I thought I’d post it as soon as the normal hull is done.

Its firing antimatter beams! :smiley: Speaking of which, I think I’ll go fix them…

Looks a little, uhm… fragile.
But anyways it looks really good.

yeah its not bulky, its going to be a faster cruiser with less hp.


I tried the off-black color… didn’t work D:

The last cruiser hull has been made (yay)! I present… the Nephthys-Class Cruiser!

Now the frigate, the turrets, the modules, and a few graphics touch-ups and I will upload The Ancient Ones v 0.16.

Also I was thinking that the Horus Battlecruiser looks kind of stupid as a battlecruiser, I will demote it to cruiser or maybe even frigate and there will be no Aegyptus Battlecruiser.

i really like this one, great work!

thank you! I was just playing around with them today (sorry, I’ll get back to work…) And this happened:

Deadly Red Matter Missile Spam! lol it decimated the rebel fleet on expert twice

UPDATE: all cruisers completely done (yay!).
just need to touch this new frigate:

I made the red matter missiles red:

1 problem: Anyone know if it is possible to change where the hull breaks? Because this happens:

And it looks weird :frowning:

You can change the hull breakup locations with the ship editor built into the game.
(also make sure that the hull alpha channel has the breaks in the same location)

Nice frigate BTW :slight_smile:

The frigate looks a little out of place with the rest of the Aegyptusian fleets, so I just say its one of their later designs :wink:
Which it technically is I guess.

EDIT: This Sekhmet Frigate is also compact and therefore has good armor but a slower speed