[WIP] The Machines

Greetings, fellow space adventurers!
Judging by the silence in these forums, folks are either running out of steam for mod ideas or are very busy blasting Jerry’s forces in GTB. :smiley:
Or perhaps the RL monster has claimed their souls?
In any event, I thought I’d break the silence and introduce a little something I’ve been working on.
This is an attempt to craft a brand new race for the game without using art from any external source (GSB included) than what I can draw in Paint.net.
It started as a personal challenge of sorts and thought I’d share the results. :slight_smile:


Gameplay video:

What’s included:
-New race to stomp enemies with or protect the GSB Universe against: The Machines

  • eight hulls (two cruisers, two frigates and four fighters (more to come)
  • three skirmish scenarios to take on the Machine threat (so far)

Unlike other races, the Machines have no crew for their ships, because they ARE the ships themselves. Since there’s no need for life support systems or internal spaces to house the crew, Machine vessels tend to be quite sturdy, but also very slow and heavy. They also require much more materials to construct which often limits the number of ships in a Machine fleet.

GSB version 1.58 ( uses custom bullets, flak weapons and return to sender scramblers)

Unzip the archive and place ‘data’ and ‘machine’ folders into your GSB directory allowing overwrite.
To uninstall, first remove any designs using hulls or modules from this mod in your documents GSB folder, then delete the machine folder, “machine.txt” in GSB/data/installs, “machine.pkg” in GSB/data/packages and “Super Metroid.ogg” in GSB/data/sounds/music.


I really like the shield texture! Good job especially with all original artwork.

Thanks! You’d be surprised what you can do with the line and circle tools and a touch of fractal blur. :smiley:

That’s very cool! I kind of kicked around the idea of using self-generated artwork, but after I played with a few graphics programs, decided that clearly my skills weren’t up to snuff to manage it. Glad to see yours clearly are! :slight_smile:

Hey, Matmos technically counts as self-generated art. Ever thought of adding pulseglows to the Rifts?

Okay, but the Matmos Rift isn’t intended to look like a “real object” - quite the reverse, which is why I managed to get away with it on my limited artistic skills. :wink:

You know, I’ve been putting together ships for my new Antares Expanse mod, many of which have pulse glows, yet somehow it never occurred to me to add them to the Rift. I’ll have a look at what might make some of the ships “pop” a little more while I’m polishing up the scenarios for the full release … Thanks for the idea!

Version 0.2 is up. :slight_smile:
-added new scenario “Arrival” to test your frigate captains.
-Reworked the deployments in “Termination from Dorsal Vector” for more variety and challenge

  • slightly decreased armor bonus on Gun platform, Predator destroyer and Reaver fighter hulls.
    -added module descriptions


this might become a good mod but if they are the machines themselves wouldent it become hard to targeting many things at once when they are the ships themselves? because in a big battle even a super computer would find it difficult to target alot of things.

also if they are machines then shouldent they be really really easy to defeat with an electro magnetic pulse. I think they need some heavy duty emp stoppers

You’re thinking like an organic. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t rely on missile-based ECM warheads as they might turn around (seemingly) for no reason. :slight_smile:

They look awsome! I really liked that missile weapon that had a circular blast effect, ive always wanted to do that :smiley:

Playing around with Minefields:

Wow, those minefields are pretty cool. Are they modded fighters w/-100% speed and a ton of extra power supply?

Indeed they are. :slight_smile: The explosive effect comes from a flak weapon with a wide radius though. The mines can be turned into area denial units when equipped with standard weaponry.

Damn those are awsome, and work! Unlike previous attempts for mines. Well done!

Probably because we didn’t have flak weapons to work with. :wink:

Version 0.3 is up! :slight_smile:
-added new skirmish scenario “The Vortex” where you’ll be introduced to the massive Array Platform cruiser and the deadly Interdiction Mines.
-added new cruiser weapon “Interceptor Laser”, a long- range laser which as its name suggests, excels at fighter interception.
-some module rebalancing, notably fighter shields have no resistance now but their recharge rate has been doubled to 0.004.


looks awesome! i will test it as fast as get home =D