Wishlist for addtions

Hello all!

So ive started to add additional stuff now to the game again (special seats, motors etc) and ive pulled out a excel sheet to autogenerate the items i want to add.

Now i need to put it to the test!

IF you have an idea of things you want added, write them here.

Follow this format:

If its a part:
Where is it used, what should a fair price be?, is it an upgrade (Feature) and what is the value of this feature. is it possible to produce this part?
(if so, what components are needed to make it)

Do you have a suggestion on how the part looks? (Image)

If its a “Task” also known as station
What should it do? (Fit wheels, etc) after what step should it be?

Let the ordering begin!

Hi Viscos

i have had an idea maybe a transmission auto manual 3 or 5 speed.

it could replace the tail shaft.

the other item is make wheel where you assemble your tyre with the rim

then you could have sports or standard.

just a my thinking aloud.



from the land down under

This could grow into a huge task, if we’r to break down car manufacturing into all the actual parts needed :stuck_out_tongue:

Ideas for things that would be neat:

Turbos , used in engine fitting as an upgrade. Fair price? $700-1200 ? Can be produced: turbine housing and compressor wheel from steel.

Filling , fill up the needed fluids and oils. After the “Fit engine” step.

I think the biggest problem will be the massive range of prices for parts such at that. For example, a Turbocharger for a small Ford would cost you around $700 (what you stated) however on something like a Ferrari it could cost somewhere in the region of $15,000 (believe me, that’s not a joke). And this will only differ from each car type i.e. SUVs, Pickups, sports, etc. I suppose its all down to how much micro management they are willing to put into the game. In my opinion, the more the better but at the moment its looking too much like Big Pharma for it to have that much micro. lets hope they surprise me.