I really like that game, it was far too long since I had a good management game to play and enjoy :slight_smile:
I am stil just at the begining but I aim at master challenges and by doing that I noticed some annoying issues:

visual feedback:

  • it would be nice if the mixer showed visually wish input is the base (in the factory view), since when we move them they reset I almost always have it wrong after moving one of them :confused:
  • in the ingredients page a counter showing how many of each ingredient is currently imported would be nice, when I have discovered all of them but only use half or less I need to look at my factory screen and count by hand to see which would benefit more from the upgrade, that is just tedious and easily fixed by the UI.
  • by default the objective window is shown, this is fine of course but in is default position I had a small surprise on my first play: if you go to the cure panel and click one the objective window perfectly sits on top of the info panel on the right and hide crucial informations, if the objectives window would default to another position of be slightly larger/narrower it would be more obvious that data are hidden. (it would be nice to save its location when reduced btw :wink: )


  • when looking at a product in the company panel it would be nice to be able to quickly jump to where it being exported from (the exit bay), I often make a mistake while moving/rebuilding a production chain (90% of the time this is the mixer not being reconfigured xD) resulting in a crappy product being produced and even with only a “small” factory it may be annoying to find where the corresponding production chain. Clicking a product renames it, this is nice but a way to go to it would be great (maybe right click ?)

I am enjoying every minute so far, these are just some minor annoyances but the game is great !

I’m just a player but here’s some feedback/info that might help:

Can’t disagreee. Maybe a highlight/different color on the input port (or the pipe) on whichever is currently “base”. No idea how hard that is to implement.
In the meantime, will note that someone on forum (or wiki) pointed out that the input/pipe closest to the orange looking “motor” thing is the “base” (by default - unless it is toggled) (and Tim, you know when you do that, we’ll want some fancy thing for centrifuges and sequencers to indicate similar :slight_smile: )

Well, you CAN see how much of each ingredient is USED per month (and by AI, if any, as well) on the Ingredients tab,
by selecting an ingredient and hovering over the leaf thing in bottom right. I think that’s the info you are after.
But many people have requested some indicator displayed on each ingredient (usually in discssions for using Upgrade Points -
like here: viewtopic.php?f=49&t=14309 )

It would be nice, (and I might even have requested similar - I think mine was a “new” sugar pill notice - which is slightly different),
but I think an issue is that player can output the same drug through multiple ports. How does the game know which one to navigate you to?
Some players (and almost all AI’s) will ramp up a good drug to 90 / month - and this was before Packers - indicating using multiple ports for the same drug.

Thanks for your inputs :slight_smile:

I did not notice that the number or imported ingredients was shown in the right panel, thanks for pointing that out, while not as handy it is faster than looking by hand ^^

For my last point I realize you might be producing using more than one export socket (and I already does that even as beginner) but I am sure solutions exist:

  • only go to socket if there is one (which is probably the case when creating sugar pill by accident)
  • show a menu with alist/popup of sockets

You can hide and show the objective window clicking on the arrow on the top bar of that window. Plus, you can move it around the screen by dragging the top bar.

About the other ideas, I agree with SCHMID6SIG. Some ideas are already commented, and the other ones are quite useful.

I would suggest setting the “When product needs name:” to “Auto pause and focus” in the “Options Menu - Game Settings Tab” to alert you to a messed up product. If you move a production line around correctly the game will not need a new name. If you mess it up and make ‘Sugar Pills’ the game will prompt for a new name, alerting you to the problem.

I generally agree with all of the UI wishlist points here. The game does make it a little too difficult to discover some critical information.

I guess that’s one solution, but it gets annoying fast with that thing popping up all the time, and it also relies on the player remembering they should have seen a thing pop-up that hasn’t appeared; that’s bad UI design.

I guess I’m missing something here. The only time it should pop up is when there is a new drug. If you are making a duplicate line or moving one around there is no pop-up. When it does pop-up I fully expect it as I just finished a new drug. They only time I’m surprise by it is when it suggests ‘Sugar Pill’ in the name. Which means I messed up something, usually I grab an evaporator instead of an ionizer to lower the concentration. I swear I’ve done that at least a half dozen times.

Hi enzymus,
If I gather 2 cures in one drug and conditions for further upgrade are met for both, equipment upgrades only one cure which requires more complecated catalisator. And I have to pose few more equipment to meet conditions of the second cure. In real life both cures should be upgraded if conditions are met and upgrade is made by the same equipment.
Please ammend.

Hmm, that sounds very much like a bug. I’d report it to the support forum so Tim sees it.

Hi Palladium, sorry about the late reply. Do you mean what’s shown in the following GIF?

As you can see it’s definitely possible to upgrade two cures at the same time if both upgrade conditions are met. Perhaps something weird is going on to do with a catalyst. Can you post a save file (or better a GIF like above) showing what is happening and explain what is meant to be happening.


Tim :smiley:

Hi Tim,
Unfortunatelly I did not save the case. I remember that I composed 2 cures of 2nd level (one required triangle catalicator which I had there) and Cryogenyc Condencer would upgade both to 3rd level, but did not do it. I will try to reproduce.

Few more suggetions on gameplay for your consideration:

  1. All equipment above Advanced Auxillary are cumbersome, expensive and inefficient in terms of productivity and costs. Hence the type of equipment is used only for upgrade. In all other cases it is efficient to use basic equipment, because of scarse of spase and to maintain productivity. So it would be goot either to increase productivity up to 2 times or to allow it through upgrades (forth upgrade - to 2 times, 5th - to 1 times). For balanse you can suggest slightly increase of cost of production. Or other option is to increase them to 2 times, because spending a lot if time and money on equipment useless in common production (apart from upgrades). The same for packing equipment - benefits do not overweight cumbersome size and costs/prices. In case of the ammendment usage of advances transorting line will be considered reasonably.
  2. Please add an accelerator of ingridients delivery through recearch or additional equipment to 0,5 or 0,33 times to enable constructions of 2/3 production lines on 2 arrival sockets.
  3. Why pill printer does not show amount owned, however other equipment do?
  4. Can interruption of production line be highlighted?

Thoughts for add-on or BP2:

  1. Space of building should be available to increase. In real life you can increase acreage of your building up tp size of your land plot (if allowed by regulation). But delivery sockets should stay in the same position (but not fixed). Or even allow to buy or dispose sockets in amount up to certain limit.
  2. In real life 2-3level production lines can be constructed. So platforms to place additional eqiopment would be interesting. But question about view will arise.
  3. If you invented an ingredient it becomes available to open market if produced by independent producer. Also even independent producers cannot boost production immidiatelly to satisfy all demend. May be it would be worse considering construction of own factory of the ingredient production or separate factory spase. the equipment of the factory can delete (for example) one negative effect of your choise at particular cost.

Thanks in advace,
This is very exciting game!

Hi Tim,
Unfortunatelly I did’t save the file. I remember that I had 2 cures of 2nd level and tringle catalisator within. And both required Cryogenic Condencer.

Few more thoughts for your consideration:

  1. Why amount of pills printers owned are not shouwn?

  2. Advanced Auxillary and above are very cumbersome, costly, less productive(3-4 times) and expensive. From space scarcity point of view they are ineffective in common processing (apart from upgrade of cure). Can productivity be increased through upgrade - last two upgrades (8 and 16 recearch points)? Technical progress should reward with more efficient equipment. It would make useful advanced production lines, because the lines cannot be used without lost of productivity - equipment’s productivity stays the same.

  3. As Packer at delivery point it would be good to have ingredients delivery accellerator. Though recearch or may be additinal equipment. This would allow to plase
    2-3 prodiction line on 2 cockets.

  4. Through recearch it would be good to have ability of extention of shop space (for example 3 cells around) but sockets should stay in the same position of the wall. fixed sockets complicate the game however in reality you can reconstruct shop and place socket enywhere.

  5. New equipment - Clearer, which removes one effect(first one) in ingredient. Production cost is 50 and productivity 2 times. Upgrades from 1-2 should decrease costs of production and the last3 allowes to opt 2,3 or 4 effect to remove.