Wonderfully Beautiful Details !!

I just finished another game, and was zooming in and out, to make sure i got the dogtags, they really help when you need it. Anyway, the Tanks ponderously moving down the roadway, the sound of their tracks grinding in my earphones, the men yelling as they are shooting, the spent shells kicking out the machine gun and the smoke coming out the ends of the barrels of the guns as they fire. It is all wonderfully detailed, I just love all the effort you put into this, it really, really makes the experience fun and enjoyable and tense and nail-biting too. Haha, anyway, I just wanted to tell you, you probably already know this, but it is very, very cool!



Thanks :smiley: You do wonder sometimes how much of the stuff you work on gets noticed by that many players. have you noticed that every footstep, by every soldier leaves footprints? Or that blood oozes out of dead soldiers? Or that in nightvision, the body heat slowly fades out after death :smiley:

I spotted the footsteps, and blood ooze, shall have to take a look at some nightvision stuff, I haven’t used it to speak of. Excellent details though =D

I didn’t notice them right off, but i will keep looking. :slight_smile: You know of course that that amount of detail is what makes a game great.
Thank you for caring enough to put that much detail in the game. :slight_smile:


I’ve been having some technical issues so I haven’t got too far into the game, but already I love how when you zoom in all the way the music quiets and the weapon volume increases, and when you zoom out the opposite happens. I can’t put my finger on what that makes me think of, but it’s a really cool feeling to go from knee deep in the mud deafened by gunfire to floating 200 feet in the air in your command blimp with your personal orchestra.

I second that, it’s an extremely cool feature :smiley:

I’m playing on a friend’s PC and it’s so much fun zooming in and seeing all of the infantry corpses. You don’t really understand how many units die in tower defense until you see it.