Work safety law 3x effect of capping CEO pay

So I have the work safety law set at “low” and I’m wondering why it has a 11.5% contribution towards corporate exodus, while the much more stringent policy, cap CEO pay multiplier, when set at medium has a max effect of 4%. This doesn’t really make sense to me!

Hmmm interesting. Dont forget that this is corporate exodus, and not brain drain, so this is not wealthy people fleeing the country, but actual whole companies relocating.
If the CEOs pay is capped, that going to really annoy the CEO, but his or her board of directors are not going to agree to move the entire company to another country just because the CEO is unhappy. However…if a work safety law pushes up the labor prices and reduces the output of the business, then this will hit the bottom line, and the shreholders and board of directors will relocate if they can in order to make more money.

Maybe the discrepancy between those is too big though… this is just my thoughts :smiley:


Yes I think may need to be nerfed a little. I have labour laws set to maximum pro-union and even work safety set at ‘low’ counts as about one third of the same value! Seems rather odd. Especially since they seem to modeling nearly the same thing. I’ve cancelled it as it comes across to me as a bit of double counting.

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