Working as intended?

For the look of the comments the event was a complete success, yet it says at the top, disappointing?

If this isn’t a bug, explain why this happened 'cause I don’t understand how an event that seemed to go well would be classed as disappointing?

I could be wrong but I thought the classification of disappointing or success was based on how much it affected your relationship…and from the looks of yours it should have at least been good…shrug I’m interested in what Cliff has in a way of explanation though :laughing:

That comment was the event quality itself, so (for example) you can go to see a really bad movie (so the quality of movie is dissapoitning) but because you are in a great mood, everyone likes everyone else, and loves movies generally, the actual effect on everyone is good. They would have been even happier still, had the movie been good quality.
In some events, the quality is random, in others (like movies and restuarants) it depends on your choices. With outdoor events, it depends on the weather.

To quote Alec Baldwin in Pearl Harbour. “That’s bullshit. But it is VERY good bullshit” :slight_smile:

Nooooooooooo, seriously thats the way its designed and coded. The GUI doesnt make that as clear as it should I agree.