Working with VMWare Fusion 2?

I’m having no luck getting GSB working on my MacBook Pro using VMWare Fusion 2 and a Windows XP image.

Sometimes, the game starts up, all black, flickers (sometimes you can see some UI elements for half a second before more flickering) and then crashes. Other times it just crashes right away. I’ve tried messing around with screen resolution, full-screen vs. non-full screen and all, but nothing seems to help.

Is there a way to muck around with the configuration or something else to help it start up well? Has anyone else had this problem? (I see only a few vague references to the DEMO not working, but my problem is with the demo and the full game)

I had similar issues.
You need to run VMware in full screen, as well as the game. You can’t run it in Unity.
You’ll also need to manually edit prefs in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles
and set it to the following:
width = 1280
height = 800
windowed = 0
sound_channels = 512