Works on 720p TV, but not Monitors

Hi. I’ve been playing GSB for a little while, but I eventually noticed that the game only worked for me when I had my 720p 32" TV connected to my computer (I often used it for gaming). If I wanted to do normal computer stuff I’d connect my monitor, at which time GSB would fail at launch giving me a “Failed to initialise 3D Engine:…\src\Game.ccp 336” Error.

I was willing to ignore this since I never really wanted to play this game on a 22" monitor anyway (It’s more gratuitous when it’s bigger), but recently I bought a 27" Monitor so I could play games at 1080p and now of course my GSB stopped working. I tried lowering the desktop resolution b4 launching the game, but no joy. Has anyone fixed anything similar to this?

Never Mind. Saw a post about deleting the my games folder. when I found it I deleted it.
A strange fix but worked. Thanks anyway.