Workshop / modding bug: save games of uninstalled mods

If you are playing a modded country (let’s say, the neoliberal America mod on the Workshop right now), and you choose to uninstall the mod and play a different country (say, the UK) and then save & exit from the UK game… anytime you click the “Load Game” button, you will get a CTD & a notification that the game can’t find the OLD country file from the uninstalled country mod. You can’t even see the save files, you just CTD.

I assume this is b/c an old autosave directs to the modded country, and now that I’ve uninstalled the mod, the autosave doesn’t know where to go. And instead of deleting the old autosave or ignoring it, the game CTDs.

@cliffski I reported same bug earlier.

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I’ll make a note to fix this. its almost certainly a really dumb thing… it cant find the icon used for the save game or the compass. I’ll render it harmless…

fixed in next update (1.30)