Just wanted to say I love these games, got kudos and rock legend and both fantastic…never got past the demo in democracy though, me and politics mustn’t mix well lol.
Only downside is I bought from reflexive so no updates :frowning: no patches 4 kudos and no new additions in rock legend but never mind.

Just wondered if there was gonna be a kudos or kudos rock legend 2?

Once again thankyou 4 these fantastic games

faith x

Kudos 2 is being worked on right now :smiley:

Yay you just made my day thankyou :laughing: :laughing:

I hope this topic isn’t too old to reply too. I am looking forward to Kudos 2 and then some. These kind of remind me of those newgrounds sims I’m always playing. Maybe that’s why they interest me. :mrgreen: