Writing a screenplay

My character is a actress with acting experience at 78% and culture at 62% and she still can’t write a screenplay. I’m sure one of my past characters wrote one at a lower level. Is this an error or are these % not high enough and if so, what do they need to be?

My guess is acting experience 50, culture 65 - but I am not sure

You are correct…at least, in version 1.05 Check the last couple of columns in the solo_activities.csv file in the writescreenplay line.

Thanks, that seems to work now. Do any of you also know what other sort of things you can write (song, novel, ect) and how you would get those?

You can write songs after you get 60% or 65% experience in the music business, the sucess of your songs not only depends on your writing skills but also on your emotional state, when you’re ecstatic or miserable you write better lyrics.