ok seriously i don’t kno what is going on but my house is CLEAN ok SPOTLESS i have the freaking cleaning service for 4$ a day and i even clean it sometimes when i have nothing else to do cus its free so what the heck are my (so called) “friends” talking about when i asked them to come over to play video games and/or watch tv, they always say “no thats ok, i dont want to catch anything” WHAT ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT…im not sick and they LOVE VIDEO GAMES and/or tv. i dont kno how this happened can someone tell me what i am overlooking

i have seriously never had this problem w/ my other games and they always came over even tho they didnt like them(video games and/or tv) that much…

interesting. could be a bug. could you send a save game where this is happening to cliff AT positech…


how do i do that? sorry super noob…

omg sorry if this i a double post but i figured since i couldn’t send it to you (seeing how i dont kno how) i went to play my game to see if i could solve it so i CANCELLED my cleaning service and invited someone to watch TV and they came over…that is soo retarted, lol but i dont care cus it works :unamused:


maybe the cleaner was just really bad at her job? :smiley:

Was the hosue definitely clean when you first hired the cleaner? I think that might be related to it. (the cleaner doesnt clean the hosue as such, just stops it getting more dirty…)

im totally going to figure out how to mod her to minimum wage…defintely :laughing:

£2 or $4 seems a fair price for a clean home IMHO.

Anyway, if you wanna change the cost look at assets.csv, find #,,cleaner,Cleaning Service,general,Saves you getting your hands dirty.,ass_clean.bmp,64,64,clean.ogg,0,2,"SELLABLE,SERVICE,REBUYABLE",,#,#,,,,,, and change the 2 ( probably 4 for US patrons )

I am not 100% sure but friends wont visit if you havent been taking a bath.
Maybe something to try.
Take it easy. 8)

Yeah, and a course at college for the Food Hygiene and Basic Cooking helps too :laughing: