WWII MOD IS RELEASED! (very rough alpha)

What should I do with my WWII mod?

  • Should I release this really unfinished and bug-ridden (with various ugly bitmaps and balance problems) mod?
  • …Or should I not because it would be useless?
  • F*** this, I wanna play Call of Duty

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Sorry everyone, but since stopping work on my WWII mod some weeks back, I abandoned it and am canceling it. Please vote in the poll and state your reason for voting. If there’s too many votes on one side or the other, I will follow that route. However continuing work, for the time being at least, is out of the question. You only have a week to vote.

EDIT: IT IS RELEASED! Keep in mind this is an ALPHA. IT. SUCKS.


make a file called WWII.txt and put it in data/installs. This is the file’s contents:

path = WWII

Gah! I forgot the music. Here’s a seperate DL, put it in data/sounds/music


You’re making a brave step by posting this news, and I applaud you. If you find yourself in a position that you know you’re unable to continue work on the mod while still doing a quality job of it, the only other courses are to do a low-quality effort with whatever time & energy you still have available, or to abandon it. This is only a game, albeit a fascinating one. If I were in your shoes I’d stop where I was; no harm, no foul.

I’m also proud of you for announcing your courses of action in advance…too many other mods have slipped – or come verrrry close to slipping – into the smoky fog of limbo without a word from their creators, never to return. I’m not saying that perhaps those folks didn’t have good reasons for being able to carry on with their mods, but even a short farewell post would have warned us that no further content would be forthcoming before its creator had to cease all work on it.

thanks archduke. I will make my final decision in a week, by then everyone will’ve had time to decide and vote.

But you are still working on your special project? I was really interested in it when you announced your work on this mysterious mod :wink:

PS: I voted for a release of your current work, maybe s1 will continue it… open source ftw :wink:

yes, I’m still working on that, don’t worry, there’s no chance of that being cancelled :wink:

However it has been slow going. It will take longer than I thought it would, but it will be released… eventually xD

Don’t expect a thread on the subject until it is finished though.

I would say you to keep your work with this mod, but if you don’t want right now to keep working in it I won’t try to encourage you to do so, I’m also having hard time with the stuff I’m working on (it isn’t trouble with bugs or balance, is another topic my problems). I’d say that if it doesn’t mean much work you could release your work done as a resource for another modders eager to keep working on it.

@Archduke Astro
After reading your post I think I’ll put up the few updates I did on my mod which I kept for myself because I wanted to finish all the hulls first. It also worries me when modders suddently stop their work with their mods without saying anything.
Thanks Hybrinoid for reporting this to us :wink:

Dedicating this 50th post to Wiktionary (the best place for translating words),

If I release it, I never said I would work on it before release. It would be in the state that it is now. However, after release, that is completely subject to change.

i voted release,simply because you already did some work on it,and it would be a shame to let that just dissapear
someone can pick up where you left and build on it, that way it might very well see the light of day as its supposed to be one day

If nothing else, releasing means other people can finish it if they wish to.

I was thinking that, but again, I will wait a week for final results.

And by the way, the third option will actually have a result… if that wins, I’ll give you all free copies of all the Call of Duty games! :smiley:

LOL, just kidding.

alright people, voting ends TOMORROW. If you haven’t pitched in your two cents yet, it is highly recommended to do so now, although I can probably tell what choice will win already :wink:

you`re a good modder,did you expect anything else? :stuck_out_tongue:

well, compared to some of the other modders out there, I know squat about it.

At least I see myself that way.

and thats good,you have motivation to improve :slight_smile:

ARGH! Why am I cursed with such terrible luck?! Sorry, everyone…this mod, along with all the others, including my secret mod…is lost… cries

Hybrinoid’s modding days are over now, I don’t think I can get all that up again… but I will try…later… not now, I don’t have the heart to have to start all over again.

Don’t expect me to be on the forums anymore anytime soon.

how did you lose it ??

good luck with that Hybrid,and i do hope that you mysteriously find a forgotten backup
either that or the work goes along smooth and fast

take care man,see you back soon :slight_smile:

Lost? Wtf? Did you look under the bed and in the jar on top of the shelf? But seriously, is your harddrive brocken or did you just erase it accidently? Because then you could try such a program: runtime.org/

It is very unlikely that I’ll be seen on the forums… EVER… until this gets fixed or I get a copy of Vista. In that situation, I will report what happens. Until then… Hybrinoid, signing off.

first of all,dont get vista,EVER
second,best system atm is probably still windows XP pro,unless your time is cheap and you`re in the mood to put up with a system thats about as smart as a kilogram of fine sand and is trying to think for you
third,yes,try some data recovering tools,they can help you a lot

cant help you much with the 3d engine error,i`d say it has something to do with your video drivers or directx,but thats probably the first thing that came into your mind anyway