Yahoo-Version freezing bug solved

Hi @all,

it seems that only Users with Nvidia Hardware AND the Yahoo-Version of the Game are affected (Take that in consideration the next time you buy a graphics card or a game from Yahoo :wink: ).

After a night full of testing if found 2 solutions to this problem.

[b]Solution 1:
Right Click Desktop>Click Properties>Go to Settings Tab>Advanced>Troubleshoot>

Then turn Hardware acceleration off (Tab to the left).[/b]

The Game works without crashing/freezing BUT is awfully slow and has graphical glitches.

After playing you should definatly turn it back to full because you PC will be slow as hell if you don’t (Playing Games, watching DVD’s).

Solution 2:
I surfed around a bit and found some guys that have the same kind of freeze on another trymedia-protected game. And then I found out about some people complaining about a similar freeze with a game called “Area 51”. I found out that ALL of them had the latest Nvidia-Drivers installed 9X.XX Series (Like the latest 91.47).

[b]Well I tried the Nvidia Forceware 84.21 just for the fun and: :open_mouth: This is it…it works.

So download them:

Uninstall the old ones, reboot, install 84.21 and reboot again.

After that you can play without freezing (I did for several hours).[/b]

This is still a Problem of the Trymedia-Protection, cause the Positech Demo and Full seem to work fine. Other than that it seems also to be Nvidia-Driver-Related.

Personaly I will never ever buy again from Yahoo-Games (Or Shops that have this Trymedia stuff), and my next Graphics Card will be ATI (Or AMD/ATI whatever they call themselves then).