Yahoo version

Hi …i’m new to the site and i love the game.
I bought the game through yahoo last month and i have a few questions:

i tried playing it right now and for some reason it says your ten yrs are up and when i try to start a new life the same message appears; what’s wrong?
-why is it that you can only invite 8 people for social events?

  • i tried to download more avatars but they dont appear on the character list- why?
    im so sorry if i seem like a nag or complainer, i really do like the game. :smiley:

Hi, some people have this bug regarding starting again, but most people don’t and I’m not sure why, but if you quit the program and start it again, it should work fine.
Have ou donwnloaded the new avatars to the right place? there is a link on the forums to an installer that puts lots of new avatars where they should go, it’s worth trying that if you have had problems with other methods,

heres the link: … arPack.exe

Hi, I’m new to this forum.

I’ve had the same problem once. I think it’s because you use the same name and same setting (IQ, Culture,etc) with your saved and finished one.

Maybe it would be better understood if I told you my case (excuse my english, as it’s not my mother language).

  • I created a Character named Helen with (+1) on happiness and confidence. I played it to 10 years with some saves.
  • I restart again with another avatar, also named Helen with (+1) on happiness and confidence, and voila, ‘you’re ten years are up’.
  • I tried again with another avatar, again named Helen (yes, it’s infatuation :slight_smile: ), but now with (+2) on happiness and confidence, and the game runs nicely.

Hope this helps.