Yay I found you!

Hi there, I am a recent recruit who is addicted to this great game and I have already installed some new avatars and change things like having to do a driving course etc. It’s fabulous to find such knowledge people and I am sure I will be offering my own mods in now time.

One quick question I have is that I originally downloaded and purchased the game from iwin.com and it’s version 1.0 I was wondering if I should download the latest version and if so will the key I got from Iwin work? ie with Iwin it automatically upgraded me to paid so I would like the latest version but I am a little scared I’ll do back to the demo and not be recognized as paid. I did receive a product code via email when I purchased it :slight_smile: I don’t mind if it overwrites my mods as I haven’t done many YET! But I see lots of late nights and new jobs, restaurants etc in the future OH and as I am Australian I will be modding Aussie Style :slight_smile:

Hi, the iwin version is a ‘portal’ version, meaning that any patches from this site will not work. Don’t worry though, you have most of the extra patched features in your version already, the version number is just different.

Hi Cliff

Sorry it was the one bit of the FAQ you kinda had that I didn’t twig to. Ok. I believe in support people like you and I would prefer to buy YOUR version. So final question…can I completely remove the IWIN version and purchase directly from you…I prefer you get something for your creation and as you said “Cut out the middle Man” My pricing was a little different but i am more than happy to pay again as it’s supporting the creator!

I am just a little worried about registry keys etc that may be left there so that when I install it it thing I already have a demo copy and won’t let me play


Not at all, that’s not an issue, installing the positech version will work just fine, although you will probably be unable to load earlier saved games.

Thanks Cliff When you get a sale from Australia in about 5 that’s me :slight_smile: