Yeah, ik, Completly Offtopic, but awesome! :D

In one of my very frecuent random searchs, i found this incredible animation, it is just, incredible:

There are another 6 Lessons from that guy, i didn’t watched them, but i will, this one, atm, is just awesome, -“its magic, but with science!!!”



ive watched all episodes now and actually, a bunch of things makes sense to me now!

i am hyping for the next episode!

My problem with this… i can write and read english, but understand spoken English… well, thats a little hard for me…
I mean, i understanded pretty good what he said, but, maybe i omitted some words… so, i’m waiting for the subtitled version :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways now i’m going to watch the other episodes ^^

i saw a comment on youtube of some guy that wanted subtitles too…

my favourite is episode 5.

cant wait for the next one on monday! :smiley:

Well that was a waste of a chunk of my life. I thought it was going to be good. Turns out it’s just numerology with shapes. The basic premise is that he’s taken a combination of shapes from which you can draw almost any other shape (if you ignore certain things, as he did), and (surprise, surprise), has drawn almost any other shape from it. It’s the same trap people fall in to when using numerology to “prove” something is important or that two things are linked. If you try hard enough, any two groups of numbers can contain patterns or be reduced into a single target number. Adding religion to it was a great way to get more views, but no more meaningful than finding Jesus’s face in burnt toast.

Can I assume the other episodes are similar?


Not exactly

that specific episode focused more on religion… the others touch alot of other stuff like the right and left brain, energy and my favourite: the history of humans and the age of civilation.

and he said in the first episode that he was just someone that was exploring the subjects and wanted some more people to talk bout it with. thats basicly what i want too. i dont believe in everything, but i keep an open mind. most of the stuff i hope is true, simply because that would be so much more interesting than todays negative events…

But there’s so much in the universe that is already amazing and beautiful and downright epic, without needing to invent these sort of things.

Take astronomy, this picture for example: … 2helix.jpg That’s a false-colour image of the clouds of dust and gas given off by a star very much like our own as it reached the end of its life. In fact, look at almost any picture of a reasonably sized nebula (the one I linked was a relatively boring example, but one I’ve seen most recently). There are stars out there big enough that if they were dropped into our solar system in place of the sun, everything out to Jupiter would be inside the star. Supernova can be bright enough that even hundreds of thousands of lightyears away, they can be visible to us during the day. Our planet circles the sun at 107,200 km/h, and people standing on the surface are additionally rotating around the center of the Earth at 1,674.4 km/h (that half a km every second).

Even closer to home, America once had flocks of birds tens of miles long, made up of hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of birds. We have animals that can live in the most ridiculous conditions - the bottom of the ocean, inside sulphur vents from the inner layers of the earth, even goats have varieties that can live on near-vertical cliff faces. Species of fish, plants, and insects have developed proteins that work in the same way as anti-freeze. Hummingbirds can be down to 5 cm (2 inches) in length, and can flap their wings at up to 90 times per second. They can also fly up to 54 km/h (34 mph) forwards, or fly backwards if they so desire. Have you ever considered that insects (those tiny tiny dudes) have actual internal organs, real little organic machines that made their body work. How do they pack them in such a small space? I don’t know.

Consider this: the actual amount of solid matter in a physical object is tiny. Remember atoms? The pictures you’re shown are exaggerations. The actual size of the nucleus (essentially the only solid thing in there) is roughly equivalent to a pea in a cathedral. There is nothing else there making anything solid. And guess what? When you reach lower levels, even that nucleus is just energy fields interacting with each other.

I’ll leave you with one final thing - there is a bird that attracts a mate by… wait for it… doing the moonwalk. Seriously. (I recommend watching the whole thing, the bird is awesome.)

i came up with this arguement when i commented on one of the videos.

imagine the world as we know it today is a little room. there are stuff inside it that you can explore and learn about. there is also a door, that leads to the outside world, but you arent intelligent enough to know how to use it. infact, you are not even intelligent enough to notice that its there.

the one day another guy have noticed the door. he tells as many as possible about this amazing new discovery. its clearly there, but yet so many people refuse to realise it. they have really good arguements and reasons to do so. “its a part of the wall” some might say.

as i said, these people are not very intelligent, so they cant really tell how to use it. yet some of them claim that they have been to the outside world. wether this is true or not has not been proven.

the point is, would you like to stay behind in this little room or do you want to help trying to figure this out? adding your own ideas and thoughts?

that is really what these videos are about.

shure, the room is great! it has plasma tv´s and a bunch of amazing animals! such as spiders and stuff. but what about the outside? what will you find there?

anyways, im just facinated by all this. i wont try any of the rituals out and expect a spirit to show itself…

Nooo the outsides hurts meh eyes too bright !!!

Beatiful conclusion my modding friend