Yeah, This sounds really lazy but...

… Im looking for a simple program, I’m a little tired of having to open the folders one by one with whom I work and then having to sort them one by one in the desktop to work more quickly, i’m searching for a program to open and sort the folders as I wish with just one click (or two) giving me something like this:

Yeah, i work with music, sometimes it gives me inspiration :wink:

EDIT: Someone can open the image? i cant… :frowning:

I know you don’t have it right now, but hopefully GSBEdit can eliminate at least two of those folders from your list :wink:

yeah, i will love that program xD

I use notepad++, really useful when editing GSB files. But i think u are getting a bit mad cuz u have all those folders opened. When i mod, fist i open all the files i will require in notepad++ (i use excel too) , and then i just close the folders cuz i will not need em. If i suddently forgot something i just open my mod folder or the folder i need (i have direct links to my folders/mods so i dont need to stay 5 minutes to reach all the folders…).

i tried notepad ++

didnt seem much different from regular notepad, but i might be wrong.

I think with notepad++ you can add in colour codes for variables and it has a few other cute editing features.

Depending on what i have to do, i have fould these various programs useful.
Minor Tweaks - NotePad
Major Updates - Ultra Edit and Ultra Compare (useful for find replace across multiple files)
Global Rewrites - Perl Scripts. (python is also useful, but i have not used it)

It also helps having dual screens . .

ooook, yeah i tried notepad++ and i dont like it, too much complex for something like gsb module making…

I like Notepad++, but I’ve gotten better use for other games with more structured formats (xml…) that allow me to collapse and expand blocks of text at will. GSB files are so small that it doesn’t matter either.

Well, if u want a simple text editor, just use the notepad of windows. If u want an advanced text editor, use notepad++. But the other text editor are maybe even complex than notepad ++ so.

We are talking about programs to modify the txt files, right now there is no “module” editing available anywhere, till we have the expected GSBEditor xD.

BTW, i recently started to use Xcel books (including formulas to calculate dps, for example) , instead of notepad++ (i only use notepad++ now to make fast changes on txt files).

Hello, Praetors. :slight_smile:

Let me explain where I’m coming from. As a mostly spatial-thinker kind of person, I like to keep a special group of folders open on my computer’s desktop at all times. They just float there under my web browser or any other program that’s being used. I do it this way because my modding time exists only in very small pieces of time scattered across both day and night… when I finally do get a little chance for some modding, the data’s already ready and waiting for me. Due to my other obligations outside of the game, modding is strictly a “hit and run,” get-in-fast, get-out-fast activity. Minutes count, and I prefer to save all of them for pure creativity instead of wasting them on logistics and file management… I already have more than enough things competing for my attention outside of GSB.

Attached here is a pic of my computer’s desktop. I labelled all of the folders in green so that you can see what sort of GSB data is kept in each one. When I’m modding, I deliberately choose to use the simplest text editor I have. Have you tried TextPad yet? I also try to work with as few textfiles as possible at the same time. I try to keep it less than 8, sizing their windows identically so that I have 2 horizontal rows of up to 4 textfiles each. It definitely works for me.

It’s possible that Apple Mac folder display conventions give me some advantages that users of other OS’ don’t have, but I’m sure I also have a penalty or two somewhere. Since you’re using Windows, why not create shortcuts on your desktop for each folder where you keep the data you need for GSB modding? I don’t know if Windows will allow you to open a group of folders, size them and position them just how you like them, and rebuild that grouping in the same way each time you restart your computer. I’d go crazy (or more crazy than I already am!) if each time I wanted to begin a little bit of modding, I first had to dig through multiple hard drives and down through many levels of nested folders. Maybe there’s some shareware or freeware programs for Windows which can help with that… it’s worth exploring.

I took my time and applied careful effort to adjust my modding workflow the way I need it so that, in the future, I can be absolutely as lazy as possible. :smiley:

Thats wat i told him and how i have it, to make direct links to the folders u use for modding. Its the only way. For now.

That is exactly what im saying, if i continue working on this way, i will go crazy!!! xD

Im veryveryveryveryveryvery sure about that, someone already make a program for that.
About make shortcuts to each folder, nah, i have too many shortcuts on my desktop, i tried cubedesktop and others but they cause some problems so i just use Rocketdock for the principal folders and games, and the desktop for newest games - modding stuff etc etc etc, and my HD is partitioned on 5 parts, one for the OS, another for programs, other for archives, files etc, another for games (that is almost full D:) and other for, well other things xD

Here are some screenshots of my desktop:
[size=85]Yeah they are in spanish because im from Argentina, as some people here already knows:[/size]
Mah Desktop:
Mah Games:

Mmm, I normally try to avoid having such density of shorcuts to non-game programs in the desktop. I find myself most times going to <Menu incio in english> for loading those programs rather than clicking the shortcut in the desktop. But I don’t use the desktop for shortcuts to folders because I have them somewhere else.

I don’t remember much about XP, but in Windows 7 I can set a list of “favourite” folders (similar to Mozilla Firefox bookmarks for webpages) which I can go to quickly without having to move through layers of folders. Probably there’s some program which can help in organizing the folders way better than that.

About the big mess of having notepads around… well, I’ll only say that one of the advantages I found of Windows 7 can be seen in this screeny:
(screeny which I recommed to right click to see full image)

I can have a look at the content of the windows I normally have open by just hovering their names. Less clicking involved when comparing stats of modules :smiley:
(Also useful when having opened several sprites)

Black Prophecy wallpaper, uh? :slight_smile:

I was selected for the Closed Beta of Black Prophecy long ago, but I quit because MMOs are really unhealthy for my modding projects :stuck_out_tongue:

I made a little something in Terminal (like mac C-prompty thing) that opens a bunch of folders for modding and this forum :smiley: complete with its own icon:
It was pretty easy, like 10 minutes, and i think that it should be easy to make something like it in the windows thing. Idk if this is what you had in mind, or an actual program that sorts them (I just use a mac thing that displays all the open windows), but it works well :slight_smile:
Oh and my computer says ‘done’ at the end XD

Notepad++ with the Explorer plugin is probably the easiest solution. It doesn’t take too much work to figure out how to use notepad++, but the benefits you get from automating so many tasks make it worth it.

Some features you might like:
-Ability to save sessions, so that when you have a group of files you use regularly you can open them all at once by opening the session file.
-Ability to have a split screen allowing you to easily compare two files side by side.
-Optional synchronous scrolling so that when you scroll down in one file it will automatically scroll down in the other.
-The explorer plugin, which works pretty much the same as Windows Explorer (the directory tree in one pane, and the current directory contents in the other).
-Multiple tabs per view pane which allows you to have multiple files easily viewable at a click of the mouse.

Here I’ve got my Tau’ri ship’s hull files open in the left pane, my Wraith ship’s hull files opened in the right pane, and have the explorer plug-in set to the GSB directory on my hard drive. All in all it works pretty well. In fact if I could ever actually find the time to work on my Stargate mod I would be able to move along pretty quickly.

On a completely unrelated, but funny, note I discovered that a print screen taken of my desktop while my tv tuner app is running will continue to play what’s on TV when pasted into Paint.NET.

hmmm… quite interesting, explorer plugin? Checking :smiley:

You can find and install it easily from the plugin manager.