Yellow Alert Bug

Hi, game got stuck on yellow alert (have v0.31, this didn’t happen to me on the old version), only way to get out of it was to quit the game

Hi there – any chance of being able to see your savegame/log file, please? viewtopic.php?f=31&t=8268

Sorry about that!

Got the same problem, game shows “yellow alert” screen and help message screen. I can close help message screen and I can only click “understood” on yellow alert screen, but the alert does not close and I cant do anything else.
In game date is 23 sep 2363, And this is the day where “180 days to go” appears below the actions circle.

I’ve attached the output log file, but I cant attach the savegame folder, as the forum does not accept files bigger than 256kb, and the save is like 2 mb.

Edit: added a save file without profile pictures

Edit 2: Whoa! Removing whole secion from file Tutorial.xml from directory \Redshirt\Data\StreamingAssets\System solved the problem, and the yellow alert message still exist. it popus up, but this time it works perfectly. Dunno why, modified Tutorial.xml attached.
Tutorial.rar (4.13 KB)
Ava.rar (26.7 KB) (2.46 KB)