Yet another campaign bug...

I had a bit (well, more than a bit) of free time, so I played campaign for about 5 hours XD. I had conquered 63% of the map, the most I have gotten. I went into a battle with a very large number of fighters and frigates. The game ran slow, but that is understandable and not the problem.
The problem is that after I won, the game crashed. And not just crashed a little. It deleted everything inside the progress.txt file for my campaign. Nothing, not even [config] or [fleets] or anything remained. As you can imagine I was a bit pissed off. But I started a new campaign anyways, but I am wondering
a) why it crashed
b) (VERY UNLIKELY ->) Is there any way to retrieve my progress, or some way to type it all back in by hand?

That’s sounds very similar to the issue i’m having as well. My last crash happened when using a bunch of frigate and fighters when i hit the fight button. I started a thread called crashing and the problem is being looked into. Might be worth keeping an eye on that thread for any fixes.