Yet another cd-key steam activation problem

I have a steam key for this game from the previous humble weekly bundle. Problem is, when I try to activate it on steam, it says invalid product code. I tried typing it manually, disabled my firewall/antivirus or even using the numpad. The key is in XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-X format. Any help for this problem?

Btw, I do not have any kind of proxy activated for my IE, my antivirus is Avast but that isn’t so important because I have disabled it+the firewall. Maybe the key really is invalid? Some advices would be nice.

Anybody here?

You will find that the population of the forums is getting a bit thin these days, so any support question may require some time to get an answer. Also please take into account that not all of us that still habitually lurk have good answers for some questions. I’d love to help you out, but since I don’t deal with Steam I have no idea what-all could be going squirrelly. 'Fraid a fair amount of patience is necessary in the Support forum these days.

Good luck!

So I see…awesome support. Eh, my bad that I’ve bought this game.

The awesome support is from me, the developer. You can email me any time at
It definitely sounds like some setting or software on your PC is blocking the game connecting online. Have you tried running it in a window? that might show any popup or issue in another window behind the GSB one.
Failing that, the game writes debug files inside \my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles\debug.
if you email those to me (do not post them here) I can take a look,

First of all, I cannot activate the key on steam, so…no debug files. Second, I’ve tried activating it on 3 computers so far ( 1xwindows xp, 1xwin7@64 bits, 1xwin7@32bits ) with both the firewall and the antivirus disabled. The only thing that comes in my mind is that the cd-key is invalid or maybe I’m just really unlucky. I will send you an email with my steam cd-key to check if it’s valid or not.