[Yet another] Improvements list

Great game!

But missing few kinks here and there…

  1. Can we turn things off and on? Sometimes I want to clear conveyor path to reallocate, but there are cars on it which get destroyed in the process. If I turn off slot that feeds cars onto a conveyor section, section gets emptied and I can remove it with destroying premium car after its defects removed (and loosing all that money…).

From the same perspective, sometimes I want to turn off one branch of a line. If I have a secondary branch on a main line that does painting and there is not much demand on that line for cars, I should be able to turn off the whole branch (group), thus saving on electricity (and labour?)

  1. Mini supply stock should be in a shape of a one square and we will combine them in custom forms. If two mini supply stocks touch, it forms one bit larger supply stock.

  2. SHOWROOM: Option to manually tune discount percentage on each car in showroom. If it has defects and missing one (non universal) part that should be there, I want to set 45% discount, while if it only has defect, it should go for different percentage discount.
    Thats per specific car.

While there, Add new in Showroom discount window should be more flexible. Give us more options when and what kind of discount should be used…

Feature already suggested in older topic: add car costs calculation. Just don’t forget about it please :slight_smile:

  1. Recall car. It is put on a Recall slot, where it gets fixed or sent onto the conveyors through the whole line again, to fix defects, to add stuff on it or to remove stuff from it. Just be sure, that if car already has item fitted (like Horn, Car alarm) it is not fitted again, but just drives through the slots. Recall slots could be placed around the points in factory and we could select on which Recall slot the car should return.

  2. Elevated car conveyors that interfere with overhead conveyors for more challenge.

  3. Smart junction should be available earlier in the game and have all the directions possible (adding forward direction).

  4. Reallocating slots should be possible, but for 10% of a cost or something. Or make stuff that is placed onto ground floor wait a few seconds to be build or assembled…

  5. Shipping should be tied to the exit. It can be last slot before export door, but we should be able to out few shipping slots onto one export doors.

  6. Demolish button: put it on bottom right corner. Pointless to search and scroll for it every time.

  7. HR: I know this has been requested already, please dont forget :frowning: We can have default workers or we can cherry pick workers from HR to be put onto a specific slot. Workers can have skills which makes slot less prone to defects and faster. Control amount of workers on a slot to control speed of slot. Dont forget to calculate that in wages :slight_smile:

  8. Let us choose the area for marketing and research departments, but make it minimum and maximum size. I really hate researches to be in the middle of my factory.

  9. If slot is not working (waiting for car, waiting for next slot, waiting for resources) does it use electricity? It shouldn’t or at least use it less then when its working.

  10. Whats the reason for slot breakdown and how can we control it? Keeping it completely random is stupid…

Thats it for now, I have another list as long as this one waiting for your response.

breakdowns happen after a certain time, and currently cannot be prevented, only fixed quicker although I am considering upgrading certain techs which would reduce breakdown chances.

its already possible to turn off a slot, there is a pause button next to the progress bar on each slots details window.

We did recently introduce more detail for the export slot so you can break it down into subslots and get finer control over the export rate.